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How Can Cloud Telephony Help in Reducing the...

Cloud Telephony - May 30 2017

In this article, we tell you how cloud telephony can help reduce the hardware cost. The idea behind cloud telephony is simple- it saves a your money and lets you focus on your business.

Cloud Telephony to Connect With Your Customers...

Cloud Telephony - May 24 2017

In this post, you'll discover a few ways by which connecting with the customers through cloud telephony is becoming smooth and easy like never before. Check it out now!

Missed Call Service: Impressive Results within...

Cloud Telephony - Apr 24 2017

Missed Call Service is an automated online application which notifies you if anyone reached on your number. In this article, you'll find how missed call service will give you impressive results.

Toll free Number & Its Implementation in Business

Cloud Telephony - Apr 22 2017

In today’s era, toll free numbers are a usual thing even for the small scale businesses, as it has quite a successful history, particularly in customer service and telemarketing.    

15 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Voice...

Cloud Telephony - Apr 10 2017

You should know why we need to invest in Voice broadcasting services over other marketing channels. In this post, you'll discover 15 reasons. Read now!

How IVR Can Target Different Sectors to Drive...

Cloud Telephony - Apr 07 2017

IVR has widely used in different sectors. In this post, you'll get a small insight on how IVR can be used in Hospitals, Banking Sector, Telecom Sector, and Education Sector.

How to avoid losing Leads through Virtual...

Cloud Telephony - Apr 11 2017

Using virtual receptionists for business will ensure that every single lead finds a way to your company. In this post, you'll find few ways by which a virtual receptionist will help you get leads.

How IVR Adds to Growth of Hotel Business

Cloud Telephony - Apr 01 2017

IVR is booming the hotel industry and solving their basic issues. Market analysts suggest that this trend in the hotel business is likely to continue for a significant number of coming years.

Emerging Market of Cloud Telephony: Benefits...

Cloud Telephony - May 01 2017

Cloud telephony is a service that transforms your business phone to a company phone system that is entirely based on cloud, thus easing much of your task.

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