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Use virtual collaboration to improve telecommuting productivity

What is virtual collaboration?

Virtual collaboration is the activity of people on the web to create an idea, review a project or implement it, despite the fact that they work in different places and at different times. When you run a contact center business or lead a support team, digital collaboration tools allow your agents to work and communicate seamlessly across the team and across the enterprise. In short, virtual collaboration allows you to improve productivity.

Why is virtual collaboration important?

The upward trend in home-work flexibility has many advantages in today's climate, such as:

  • Increased productivity
  • Financial savings
  • Higher retention rate
  • Global hiring

1. Increased productivity

Many people have found that without the usual distractions in the workplace, such as longer coffee breaks, unnecessary meetings, fewer people at your desk asking for quick approval or asking a quick question, they did much more, in less time.    

Virtual collaboration tools allow remote agents to collaborate seamlessly as if they were in the same room. They can use virtual communication channels, such as e-mail, video conferencing, instant messaging, and mobile phones, to communicate effectively, brainstorm, or solve problems.

2. Financial savings

It is obvious that if employees are working virtually, company will definitely save. These cost savings are supported by operational efficiencies, such as lower user fees, utilities, office supplies and redirection.

3. Higher retention rates

Remote working increases happiness and productivity, resulting in greater involvement and higher employee retention rates. Flexible working routine will make employees concentrate on work more. 

4. Global hiring

Virtual collaboration is a great catalyst for attracting top talent. Because your business isn’t limited to your local pool of potential applicants, you can take the opportunity to network and fill roles with ideal candidates instead of settling on people close to them.

Who needs virtual collaboration?

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, preparing for virtual collaboration was the choice of most companies. This is essential only for companies that already have remote groups or teams spread across multiple locations. However, as the transition to telework has been mandated, every team and company must have a virtual collaboration strategy.

With a virtual collaboration agreement, managers can reap the benefits of cost and time savings while enjoying greater productivity for telecommuters.

Another advantage of virtual collaboration is that it is a great catalyst for attracting top talent. Because your business isn’t limited to your local pool of potential applicants, you can take the opportunity to network and fill roles with ideal candidates instead of settling on people close to them.

Tools needed for virtual collaboration in the call center

Managing the remote workforce of call center agents begins with equipping them with the right tools. Listed below are some of the essential technologies, equipment, and software for maintaining a distributed but efficient workforce. 

Basics: computer, headset, and internet connection

Remote working depends largely on your agent's Internet connection and speed. If you help your agents set up their workspace at home, test the performance and speed of their network. Your home representatives also need to use computers and headsets that meet your basic system requirements to make and receive calls.

Browser-based call center software

All call center companies that promote virtual collaboration should use browser-based call center software. This software makes setup easy: no hardware or software to install, no problems with telecom providers, and no plug-ins to extend. Browser-based call center software makes the lives of call center agents much easier:

  • Provide a complete customer history through CRM integration
  • Linking the helpdesk system for social media channels
  •  A summary of all caller's notes for each caller

Customer relationship management (CRM) software

No marketing tool is more important to a call center than your customer relationship management (CRM) system. This integration collects customer data during each communication, creating a comprehensive history that your agents can use to personalize their customer service.

Call recording software

Agents have a lot to do. Not only do they have to deal with customer inquiries with a short TAT, but they also need to take careful notes on the call and update their CRM with relevant information. With voice recording software, customer conversations can be recorded directly and automatically updated in your company's systems.

Call monitoring software

Whether your team only makes outgoing sales calls or handles incoming inquiries, your call center is an important point of contact between your business and your customers. Speech monitoring provides managers and team leaders with control panels, speeches and alerts, and monitors speech and language patterns for obscene language, non-compliance, escalation attempts and customer mood. By tracking a call, everyone wins.


Acuiring virtual collaboration comes down to developing a team of stars and equipping them with efficient processes and the best tools. The face-to-face office environment is not as typical as ever, teleworking is becoming a new norm. But as clear as this equation sounds, it's not an overnight process. With the right service provider to implement your strategy and streamline operations, you can effectively improve the agility of your business.

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