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Founder & Director (Sarv.com)

Ramesh Choudhary is a Founder, Director, Marketing Expert & a Technology Lover at Sarv.com. With experience over 7 years in this industry he prefer running his own R&D to study facts and share the valuable information in circle.

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How Customer Experience Is Becoming the New Marketing

Customer Relationship - 28-02-2018 03:12:04 pm

It’s all about how you’re going to treat your customers. A customer is equally important as he was before. So, let’s check out that how customer experience is becoming the new marketing.

How Does SSL Make Your Business and Website Secure

Information Technology - 06-01-2018 02:01:43 pm

SSL is the solution that most of the business trusts when it comes to online invulnerability and safekeeping. Here is how SSL makes your business and website secure.

3 Ways to Convert a Cold Sales Call Into a Meeting

Business - 04-01-2018 03:12:44 pm

Cold calls are an excellent way to get leads and convert them into loyal customers. here are 3 ways to convert a cold sales call into a meeting.

5 Hacks To Craft Customer-Centric Content

Online Marketing - 15-12-2017 03:42:34 pm

There are some techniques that can be proved as a game-changing move for your business. One of such techniques is creating customer-centric content. Here are 5 hacks.

How Can You Add Magic to Your Email Marketing?

Email Marketing - 30-11-2017 11:42:42 am

Think like an email magician and build the chances to get back a good ROI. Here I would like to share the tips to add magic to your email marketing.

How to Earn Your First 1000 Followers on Twitter

Social Media Marketing - 27-11-2017 12:09:23 pm

How to build a rapport on the social networking website through followers. We tell you how to earn Your First 1000 followers on Twitter in the easiest manner.

Why Your Growing Business Needs A Virtual Receptionist

Cloud Telephony - 22-11-2017 11:30:16 am

While you are busy with other necessary business critical tasks, who is answering your calls for you? Here is why your growing business needs A virtual receptionist

3 Cloud Telephony Trends to Rule In 2018

Cloud Telephony - 11-11-2017 01:10:24 pm

Here are the top 3 cloud telephony trends that will rule the markets in 2018, which businesses from all across the world must look out for.

4 Ways Business Can Make Cloud Telephony Work for Them

Cloud Telephony - 08-11-2017 11:03:19 am

With a good strategy and a segmented audience to target, cloud telephony can do wonders for companies. Here are 4 ways businesses can make cloud telephony work for them.

1 Way That Will Help You to Win Big This Election Year

Cloud Telephony - 04-11-2017 11:07:35 am

There are lots of ways to promote your campaign out there. I’m here to talk about ONE effective way that will help you to win big this election - Voice Broadcasting.

How Cloud Telephony Became a Political Game Changer

Cloud Telephony - 30-10-2017 12:49:09 pm

If you’re a political party, then cloud telephony can be a game changer in elections. In this article, you’ll find how cloud telephony can help you in next election.

5 Sure-fire Ideas for Promoting Your Election Campaign

Online Marketing - 27-10-2017 12:09:32 pm

Are you thinking to promote your election campaign or your candidate’s? In this article, you’ll find 5 sure-fire ideas for promoting your election campaign.

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