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Founder & Director (Sarv.com)

Ramesh Choudhary is a Founder, Director, Marketing Expert & a Technology Lover at Sarv.com. With experience over 7 years in this industry he prefer running his own R&D to study facts and share the valuable information in circle.

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7 Proven Call to Action Techniques to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Online Marketing - 05-08-2017 12:35:45 pm

Call to action is the driving force behind the conversions for your business. Here are 7 proven Call to Action Techniques to Improve Your Conversion Rate.

11 Habits to Become a Successful Salesperson


More Category Includes

- 01-08-2017 04:53:08 pm

If you want to distinguish yourself and become a successful sales person, here are a 11 qualities that you must look forward to. Read It Now!

How Modern Technology Is Creating Great Opportunities for Marketers

Online Marketing - 21-07-2017 03:27:57 pm

The modern technology has brought quite more than a few significant changes in our life. Here are a few implications of Modern technology and how they are affecting the marketing world.

How to Create a Marketing Strategy From Scratch

Online Marketing - 18-07-2017 12:38:55 pm

Don't have a marketing strategy? there is nothing to be afraid of. Here are some easy steps that will help you in building a marketing strategy from scratch.

How Market Research Help You to Drive Business Growth


More Category Includes

- 10-07-2017 01:52:31 pm

If you are wondering what market research is all about and how does it help you to drive business growth, you are at the right place. Find out ways here.

3 Mistakes a Sales Person Made (and How to Avoid Them)

Business - 06-07-2017 11:39:00 am

If you want to make an effective sale every time a customer knocks your door, you need to avoid making some mistakes. Here are 3 mistakes a sales person made (and How to Avoid Them).

How Can Content Help To Boost Your Conversion Rate?

Online Marketing - 04-07-2017 12:20:24 pm

If you want your content to help boost the conversion rate for your campaign, here the things you must know. How can content help to boost your conversion rate.

Good Marketing by Small Businesses Within Budget

Online Marketing - 01-07-2017 02:20:16 pm

If you are a small business & wondering how to market your brand & products within budget, we bring a few tips on good marketing strategies that will help you take your business to a new level.

5 Proven Email Practices to Double Your Profit

Email Marketing - 23-06-2017 12:27:19 pm

You can easily double your profits by adopting a few simple practices that will take your email marketing to unparalleled levels. Here are 5 Proven best practices. Check this out!

What's the Role of R&D in Your Marketing Success?


More Category Includes

- 22-06-2017 11:53:26 am

R&D focuses on long-term profitability and marketing success, when used for any business. Wondering what's the Role of R&D in marketing success? Read this article now!

What is Marketing Automation & How to Deploy It?

Email Marketing - 02-06-2017 12:09:36 pm

How wonderful will it be to have all the functions and features of sales and marketing that businesses use every day, under one roof? Marketing automation can make it happen. Read this post now!

A Brief Study on Spam Trap, Spamhaus, and SpamCop

Email Marketing - 29-05-2017 10:45:44 am

The businesses that depend on email marketing must check their spam scores before sending their campaigns. Good practices will help you maintain your reputation & credibility with your customers.

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