Mobile Marketing Trends for 2020

Marketing is evolving with time at a rapid pace. From the past few years, marketers are implementing new practices and trends to make their campaign more successful. There are some trends and practices are left behind in order to move forward, there are some still maintaining their positioning.

Courtesy of the Economist Intelligence Unit

A lot of research and analysis reports have shown how mobile is now a big asset to marketing. Mobile marketing is treated separately from the traditional marketing strategy. According to the research published by The Economist Intelligence Unit mobile device will be the one with the biggest impact on marketing. Not just is placed 3rd in channel ranking for the organization’s marketing. The list was topped by Social Media at 63% followed by Web at 53%.

Courtesy of the Economist Intelligence Unit


Mobile marketing holds so many trends that were being implemented from years. Now, these trends are dominating old ones. Let’s see how these are going to affect marketing in 2020.

Voice Search:

In its starting days, voice search struggled a bit due to its poor voice recognition but with time it improved and now it is everywhere. With voice systems like Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, we are now preferring voice over typing. It is making things easy and quick. Also, as now you can integrate Alexa in pretty much everything, we are always surrounded by voice assistants.

In the US alone, 50% of consumers make the search via voice where 40% use voice search once at a time in daily life. These numbers are a little up and down in other countries. That means blogs and websites have to start containing conversation queries in the content. This will help them in getting a higher rank in the search result.


AI, Chat Bots and QR Codes:

We used to spend lots of time texting each other. According to a report by Nielsen, 5.3% of our daily time is spent emailing and 13.4% in texting. The total time we are spending on mobile is 4+ hours a day. From which 13 minutes spent emailing and 35 minutes texting.

This habit made people opt for a chat with the support agent instead of making the call. We are getting more comfortable with it. This is how AI programmed chatbots came into existence.

These bots are programmed to make work easy for support agents. Chatbots can answer easy queries like questions for the registration process, products detail, offers, or others. Many big names have already implemented these bots and fed them with all the required knowledge. This has made the work for assisting agents very easy.

QR codes have been around us but very less number of people are using this. It will take a little more time to make this thing come in full impact but it will soon this year. You should implement it on your physical ads, if not, you are actually missing a big opportunity. Try not to use it over social media as most time people use it on their phone and it will be hard to scan it by then. Try to use it on your website, blog, digital and physical ads. This will help in increasing the number of subscribers for your newsletter or offers. Try to learn about the potential places you can use it in your advertisement campaign.

Nature of Post

There is an analysis practice of the social media post that you are making to produce good branding juice. This practice of studying human communication, online interaction is called Sentiment Analysis. Some trends have shown that this practice is been fruitful in 2019 and they are looking forward to continuing this in 2020. This will help you understand the perspective of consumers toward your brand. It also allows you to understand the nature of the post you are making like positive, neutral or negative.

Mobile Optimized Content:

Today you got a very big screen mobile phone that allows you to have a nearly 100% view of the content. Many marketers have adapted this vertical content. They are every pixel of the mobile screen for marketing. Now you also have to implement this. Produce vertical content like Video and static images to make sure you are utilizing the whole screen to market yourself.

Not just videos and images, emails also need to be optimized according to the mobile screen. As told before we are spending a lot of time on our mobile screen and in Q1 of 2019, 42% of emails were opened on mobile while 61.9% were opened on mobile from  July 2018 to July 2019. These facts show how mobile is making a big impact here. This is why we have to optimize the marketing content according to mobile screens more.

User and Social Media:

Your users are your best source of content for social media. People don’t want to look at some promotional content on a daily basis. This will only turn them neutral towards you. Either you will lose some subscribers or if they are lazy like me to unsubscribe, you will definitely lose engagements. No engagement means social media will start removing you from users’ feeds.

Try to generate content that users find engaging and are able to encourage them for chatter. Ask for their opinion, merge the current trends and hashtags with your social post, run an activity or others. Just try to be creative while making some engaging content. Millennials and Gen Z do not like to be told what is good for them, they want to participate. They want to practically experience it. Give them a chance with your right marketing skills.

In-App Marketing:

When we talk about time spend on mobile, 90% of it is spent on apps instead of browsers. People want things to get done easily and apps are helping effectively. So if you are investing in display adds then it better be in-app ads. Ad placement is now a major thing to take care of, as people are investing a lot in this. In-app ads can be proved as a growth hack for your branding campaign.

There are several ways to do that. You can use Instagram Story ads, sponsored posts, Youtube video ads in the home feed, other ads that cover the whole screen of the mobile. These ads are usually run in the transition time or when an app is first opened. One thing to consider here is that these ads are a little expensive than traditional ones.

But this is worth giving a shot, as click-through rate (CTR) is 18 times higher than banner ads in apps.

Take the note: Try to be creative here. Do not use the same banner ad for these in-app ads. Make new and attractive content for this. You have to put more effort as it is going to cost you more than those banner ads.

ASO is Rising:

If your business includes an app, then you have to take care of its own place too. Yes, we are talking about your app store page. Just like your website, it also needs optimization. Try to study your competitors, on which keywords they are ranking, what keywords they have used in the content, how they are publishing themselves.


In the app store, your first impression is made by your app icon, title, feature video and screen images. This is where you need to play your game.

In an article, Moburst showed that landscape screenshots can give you 3 times more space to express your story. But what if your app works only in portrait mode? Well, they answered it too. To optimize or balance it you should use a landscape video combined with portrait screenshots. This will generate a great result for your application and app store page too.

Flying Off Now:

As not taking more of your time, let’s conclude it here. These are the mobile seo marketing trends a brand needs to work on to dominate the market. Make your strategies around these points, take your time and implement them. If you still got any questions, the comment box is always open for you.


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