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Digital Marketing Analyst | SMO Consultant at Sarv

I have 3+ years of diligent work experience in Internet Marketing and SEO. I am self-motivated and enthusiastic. I keep myself updated with the latest technology and tools in the digital marketing and with the ever-changing search engine algorithms.

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Customer Experience and Marketing in 2020

Customer Relationship - 21-10-2020 11:21:56 am

There was a time when CMO used to be a person with a megaphone just trying to make his voice reach to their audience.

Marketing is Adapting to the Corona Virus


More Category Includes

- 01-06-2020 12:12:48 pm

Marketers started to think of new marketing strategies as the lockdown was implemented all over the world amidst the COVID-19. This year so many things were canceled in this pandemic to stop the virus

How Food App Like Swiggy Winning the Market with Email Marketing

Email Marketing - 24-01-2020 12:40:04 pm

Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing practice that has really good potential in customer conversion. In the current time, there are more than 1 million restaurants in a state.

31 Surprising Visual Content Stats That Will Blow Your Mind!

Online Marketing - 17-01-2020 03:34:59 pm

Do you want to know how powerful visual content is? Check out these 31 stunning statistics!

How a Business Toll Free Number Can Make a Difference

Cloud Telephony - 05-01-2018 03:01:12 pm

Majority of customers get in touch with a business, when they know it’s a toll free number they have to call. Here is how a business toll free number can make a difference.

7 Proven Customer Retention Strategies That You Need to Know

Customer Relationship - 30-09-2017 11:37:59 am

if you are worried about your departing customer, here are 7 proven customer retention strategies that you must swear by. Read it now

3 Payment Lessons for New Online Retailers

Business - 23-09-2017 02:00:20 pm

online retailers must not neglect payment related issues in the e commerce market. we bring 3 Payment Lessons for New Online Retailers, that new starters must swear by.

High Email Unsubscribe Rate? Here's What Should You Do

Email Marketing - 14-09-2017 02:02:04 pm

Are you worried about the high unsubscribe rate? Don't worry. Here’s what you can learn and what needs to be done to stop it from making you lose a significant amount of money.

How Cloud Telephony is Transforming Business Communication

Cloud Telephony - 31-08-2017 03:00:41 pm

The beneficial and advanced features of cloud technology have the potential to transform the business into a profitable and successful one. Read this post.

5 Amazing Marketing Strategies for a Mobile App Startup

Online Marketing - 23-08-2017 04:19:21 pm

Here are few amazing app marketing strategies by which you can market your app to your audience and achieve surprisingly good results

Why Should an Author Create a Website or Personal Blog?

Online Marketing - 08-08-2017 03:28:34 pm

Why Should an Author Create a Website? So if you're figuring out reasons to create a website or personal blog, here are a few that you must consider.

5 eCommerce Misconceptions (and Facts)


More Category Includes

- 26-07-2017 02:19:10 pm

In spite of ecommerce being excessively popular and fitting into our lives, there are many misconceptions and myths related to e commerce that one needs to get over.

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