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Marketing is Adapting to the Corona Virus

Marketers started to think of new marketing strategies as the lockdown was implemented all over the world amidst the COVID-19. This year so many things were canceled in this pandemic to stop the virus from spreading. But it has affected so many lives due to this canceling.

Well, there are big companies whose pockets are big enough to deal with this. But what about those small businesses with 50-200 or fewer employees. This fear led so many businesses to change their marketing strategies. The one way of marketing that was not affected by this is digital marketing.

Yet, there are some things that changed in digital marketing too. These are the content. Experiential marketing is not the league anymore, Now, it is all experimental marketing. Marketers are trying to make their strategies immune to the coronavirus. They are not using it to promote their products and services but they are also including it into marketing.

Where Customer is Now?

As people are now more in houses than roads, the billboard ads are not going to work. Now, marketers are targeting people on digital media. While most are working from home, some companies have made ads from their home in creative ways. Automobile brands are using toys and home setups to show their creativity while fast-food brands are using minimalistic ideas to promote their products.

"A lot of brands are going to learn that being inside the content needs to be a priority, rather than being on the outside pushing that content," Ricky Ray Butler, CEO, BEN

After Finding Customers:

As it is now clear that our customers are in their houses in front of the TV or mobile and targeting them is not that complex now. So, the thing that needs the focus now is the message. How you are going to convey your message and keep retaining your customers? This has become a big question now.

Some companies are working with marketing companies to run their campaigns smoothly. But still, it is a little hard to run campaigns when everyone is working remotely.

"Right now, it's about building community through not just advertising, but building it through your services, "Even after all this, people will still be highly sensitive. Consumer patterns will change for the long term, and figuring out how and when people will emerge from their homes will be in every marketer's mind."
Ken Harlan, CEO, MobileFuse

Engagement Using Activities and Discounts:

Many brands are finding different ways to engage with consumers. One best way is contest and activities. Brands are engaging with customers using comments based or polls based activities.

These activities have some free giveaways or money/ product as a winning price. This way companies are retaining their customers while engaging with new ones. These new potential customers will be targeted once this pandemic is over.

While some are engaging using contests, some are engaging using discount offers, coupons, and vouchers to leave a positive impact on their customers.

Some brands are seen using a preorder discount for their marketing. The product will be delivered to customers as deliveries are allowed in this quarantine. This way companies are still making money for the products they are unable to deliver right now.

Some brands have extended the validity of their coupons and vouchers by 2 to 3 months so that their users can still use them. This way brands are earning their customers trust that a business need for having a loyal audience.

Offering Resources at Very Low Cost or For Free:

Some brands depend on the regular activities of the customers. Like Gym and Educational brands. They have to keep their users active so that this gap of the lockdown is not going to affect their routines. So these brands are providing Beginner level courses for free or some unbelievable low price like a penny.

This way they are trying to win their audience. Sharing the offer allows a user to earn some extra points that can be used to extend the course. This way using their current customers they are making new ones.

What do You Learn Today?

  • Here’s a couple of things to remember:
  • Acknowledge the current situation.
  • Adjust your marketing strategy.
  • Don’t become dormant.
  • Continue working towards your set objectives.
  • Don’t let your audience forget about you.

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