How to Build a Happy Relationship With Customers To Enhance Your Business

Any business that needs to thrive further, a profound customer satisfaction plays a vital role. For most of the businesses therefore satisfied customers hold a real strategic value. A happy customer is the one that not just keeps coming again and again but recommends your product or service to others as well.


According to RightNow’s 2012 Annual Research Report, 89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service; while 86% of people will pay more for a better customer experience. Clearly, customers who are treated with respect and care and who feel having their concerns met, can also become genuine cheerleaders of companies.


So if you want to impress your customers, and also need them do the talking in your favor, a few little changes in your approach can have a big impact on how they perceive the quality of your product or service.


Here is what you can do to build a healthy relationship with your customers:

1. Always Treat Your Customers With Genuine Respect

When customers are treated in a most respectful and earnest manner, they are more likely to tell their friends and family about their experience. So a genuine interaction with them paves a way for significantly increasing the word of mouth about your business.

As per a recent study, 70% of buying decisions are impacted on how the customers feel they are being treated. It is clear therefore that a right approach and courteous interaction plays a critical role in turning the tide in your favor. A kind and generous customer service is more likely to satisfy your customers’ needs and sets the foundation for a long-term relationship.

2. Be Consistent In Your Offering

Consistency pays! If you happen to provide high-quality customer service occasionally, while being perceived as apathetic on other occasions, you are not going to get anywhere. Your customers are like your paychecks; with no customers, there is nowhere you can get your pay.

So to keep them happy, you need to be consistent in all the aspects of your business – be it before the purchase or after the purchase. Let them know that your only objective is their satisfaction. You need to have regular communications with your support staff in order to get any new ideas for increasing customer satisfaction.

3. Focus on Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is a specialized relationship with your customers, where they stick to your products or services and not easily get influenced by competitors. As a matter of fact, your marketing efforts stand for nothing if you can’t retain your customers for the right reasons. To create a better customer loyalty, you have to go an extra yard and meet much more than just your customers’ market needs. It is more of providing them with personal and in depth care.

How should you do that? There are many ways by which you can get closer to them, for example, positioning yourself as a force in customer service. Or you can remember special occasions like their birthdays and send them cards with custom birthday address labels. You can also find ways to empower and educate your customers, or invite them to support a good cause in line of your brand.

4. Ask for Their Feedback and Listen to Their Concerns

Knowing what customers feel about your company and asking what better practices to include in your business will go a long way in improving your relationship with them. Whether positive or negative, every customer has an opinion about your business, so proactively invite them to share it with you. This is an important aspect of your business, where seeking negative feedback and making a timely course correction can save your day. You should send regular and easy to fill customer experience surveys to them.

Such surveys give unhappy customers a productive channel to voice their issues. You should then promptly respond to their concerns and try to quickly resolve them, or at least come up with a better solution.

5. Treat Them like a Valued Partner by Personalizing Communications

Engage with your customers by effectively communicating with them; this prevents misunderstandings and ambiguities – most common problems in customer service settings. You should avoid unnecessarily complicating things while gaining the ability to simplify each and every task. Simplicity is the key here, so you should be honest as much as possible.

These days consumers need personalized communication with them as they have already enough of generic messages. You should include personal details in your marketing messaging, like customers’ first name, last name, product preferences etc. You can also offer personalized product and content suggestions, like “You might also like”, or “This might also help you” at various avenues.

Final Words

The success and failure of a business invariably depend upon happy and unsatisfied customers respectively. So a healthy customer relationship is vital to expand your business. Thus try to be sensitive and forthcoming to their needs and desires.


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