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VP (Marketing & Sales) @ . Responsible for Strategic Marketing and Customer Relationship. Another interest of her is reading and writing to share valuable information & reach maximum people in industry.

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Tips for Pitching Your Investors

Business Tips

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- 25-08-2021 06:02:48 pm

Investors can help a person with the idea with all the financial problems. Pitching your investor can solve serious cash problems of the business.  So, if you are planning to go with pitching, you n

Audio Conferencing: Types, Benefits and Advantages

Cloud Telephony - 29-05-2021 05:55:07 pm

Whether in a business or not, communication is the bridge that helps you engage with your colleagues, teams, and customers to excel.

Importance of Personalized Customer Service for Your Business

Customer Relationship - 29-04-2021 11:35:59 am

We can say, customer service meets your customer's needs. Your business can have a lot of product/service lines. However, if your customer has expectations of your brand, it is your responsibility.

Cleansing CRM Customer Data: How to Clean It

Cloud Telephony - 14-04-2021 05:21:13 pm

Clean, organized, and accurate, these three are the important traits of an ideal customer database. Around 51% of businesses using automation tactics, it is likely that they are collecting a considera

Dos And Don'ts to Rely On for Cloud Telephony And Branding

Cloud Telephony - 14-04-2021 11:45:19 am

Brand trust has become a top priority for customers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. But you know what has made it more challenging? Remote working. This has made many of us adapt to digital

Voice Broadcasting Services for Real Estate Industry

Cloud Telephony - 31-03-2021 05:57:25 pm

A real estate agent may lag behind its competitors if it does not use digital technology. One such technology is the mass media of voice broadcasting.

Voice OTP: Working, Applications, Features


More Category Includes

- 12-03-2021 02:49:34 pm

Voice OTP acts as an additional layer of security for your users. As you start using this service, you eliminate the threat of data security and phishing attacks.

How Does Automated Marketing Funnel Help a Business Grow?

Email Marketing - 26-02-2021 04:10:12 pm

Whether you are a business person or just a simple guy, we all thrive for growth. It is the thing that keeps us motivated towards our goals. If we talk about businesses, just like us, they need to sur

Autoresponders: Triggered Emails Can Trigger The Growth

Email Marketing - 20-02-2021 04:53:29 pm

When you work with emails, it is hard to make people invest their time in you. Above that, it is even harder to make them invest money.

B2B Marketing in 2021: Statistics and Tactics

Business - 18-02-2021 10:54:39 am

A lot had happened in 2020. It is the year that cannot be forgotten easily. The pandemic for sure changed the world a lot, same goes for B2B marketing.

Email Images: How to Select and How to Avoid

Email Marketing - 06-02-2021 03:29:14 pm

we talked about how email images are beneficial for boosting your CTR. In this article, we will move a step ahead, and we will talk about how to select the right images for your emails and why we nee

Boost Your CTR Using Email Images

Email Marketing - 02-02-2021 10:40:04 am

Email is one effective way when it comes to campaign marketing. If we calculate the average ROI of an email campaign, it is nearly 122%.

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