Preeti Kaushik

VP (Marketing & Sales)

VP (Marketing & Sales) @ . Responsible for Strategic Marketing and Customer Relationship. Another interest of her is reading and writing to share valuable information & reach maximum people in industry.

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Mobile Marketing Strategies Every App Publisher Should Implement Now

Online Marketing - 23-11-2018 10:54:29 am

Creating an appealing and useful app that people want to download is only half of the battle. What to do next? Read this article.

5 Proven Tips to Improve Your Networking Skills


More Category Includes

- 07-06-2018 12:14:46 pm

Networking is about finding the right people from a right place that can give a right solution in a right situation. Here are 5 proven tips for you to improve your networking skills.

3 Ways to Handle a Customer Who Wants More for Less

Customer Relationship - 12-03-2018 03:27:25 pm

Having a tacky customer is every customer rep’s nightmare. Here are 3 Ways to Handle a Customer Who Wants More for Less.

Google's AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) : New Feature

User Guide - 17-02-2018 11:16:35 am

A feature which will add the live effect in your email and much more benefits hidden in it. Let's explore!

3 Email Marketing Trends You'll See in 2018

Email Marketing - 09-01-2018 11:36:30 am

The year 2018 is all set to witness remarkable transformations with new age tools and practices coming up for businesses. Here are 3 Email Marketing Trends You'll See in 2018.

How Social Media Has Changed Our Habits as Consumers

Social Media Marketing - 03-01-2018 11:36:23 am

It is essential to know the impact that social media is having on their customers. Here is how social media has changed our habits as consumers:

3 Channels That Help You Talk to Your Buyers In 2018

Online Marketing - 21-12-2017 03:45:04 pm

If you are forming strategies and thinking of new ways to reach out to your customers with your brand, here are 3 best channels that will help you talk to your buyers in 2018.

5 Ways to Build the Environment For Employees So They Don't Quit

Leadership - 13-12-2017 12:44:04 pm

No doubt that your employees are the pillars of the company. Replacing an employee is more costly than most of the leaders think. Follow these 5 Ways So They Don't Quit. Read Now!

5 Traits of an Excellent Landing Page to Make It Memorable

Online Marketing - 28-11-2017 12:39:40 pm

if have been looking for valuable traits to make your landing page a quintessential one, here  are 5 traits of an excellent landing page that will also make it a Memorable one.

Email Automation Ideas for Holiday Campaigns This Season

Email Marketing - 24-11-2017 11:58:12 am

in order to adopt automation and take advantage of the holiday season, here are a few Email Automation ideas for creating memorable Holiday Campaigns.

10 Smart Tools That Will Make You More Productive and Happy at Your Workplace

Business - 21-11-2017 12:05:13 pm

Time management is an important factor for driving the growth in a person. Here are 10 amazing tools that will make you more productive and happy at your workplace.

5 Creative Ways to Engage with Your Social Media Followers

Online Marketing - 13-11-2017 11:48:53 am

if you are a single media manager for your brand or have run out of ideas to keep your followers engaged to your business, here are a few creative ways to engage with your followers.

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