How Food App Like Swiggy Winning the Market with Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing practice that has really good potential in customer conversion. In the current time, there are more than 1 million restaurants in a state. Then apps started coming out, someone suddenly came up with a food delivery app idea. Then the app market starts getting crowded with apps following the same concept. But some got ahead and some failed. In this race, email marketing played a big role.

One most successful app that we all know right now is Swiggy. Swiggy debuted after FoodPanda and Zomato, but now it is on the top spot of this chain. Swiggy knew that marketing with the right strategy will give them a breakthrough from this competition. Last year in February, Swiggy set a new record in email marketing with a CTR (Click Through Rate) of 7% and Mail Open Rate of 25%. Let me tell you Swiggy has millions of users under its wings.

Isn’t it amazing? The base logic behind this was to lure more customers and they do get success here. So what were the tricks that were used by the Swiggy to make their email marketing campaign a big success? This article is totally focusing on that we are here to give some clue on how email marketing can help you gain more customers.


Cheaper Than Traditional Marketing:


Well if you are still marketing your business with brick and mortar method, I would say that you have already lost to the competition. No one uses that now. People are on mobile devices or each person now access internet for 24 hours. So if you want to beat them in the game you have to adopt new practices. Also, the amount you put in email marketing is a lot less than what you are putting in the traditional method.

“According to a study, you get $44 for every $1 you spent on email marketing, published on WebpageFX.”

Keep the Brand in Highlight:

Make sure that your logo, brand name, product name, and address are always in the mail and readable. If you are forgetting these elements your brand image might get blurred with soon in time. Make sure that your emails are for increasing awareness of your brand and creating a face, not just to deliver your words.

User-Centric Emails:


Every person has a different taste and purpose to be on your site. Some are there for discounts, some are there to try out new recipes/ cuisine. This is why it is necessary to know which user is which. Either you track their activity or take a small survey with them. Knowing your customers will help you with sending the right mail to the right person.


If you are sending Non-veg food offers to a veg person, then this will not work out for your business. Sending personalized messages like Birthday Coupon, timeline, Food memories also tied customer emotionally with you.


Coupons and Sales:


People love to get personalized messages but what they love more are offers and coupons. Whenever there is an event, sales or any offer that you are making live, make sure you are promoting it with the right strategies. What is the meaning of an offer if no one knows about it. A marketer knows that during the offer period you are more likely to make more customer than earlier.


So once you have new data you know what to do with it. As told earlier, now you need to list these emails according to their preferences. Arranging according to preferences and sending them offers on emails as per their interest increases your chance to make better relation with them. Those customers might consider you in future, or they might suggest someone else too.


You Must Know the Count:


Well, Emails are good but everything has its limits. If you are sending some frequent emails then there are chances that your customer might start ignoring you. Then it will not matter what you are bringing to them they will just swipe clear the notification. Also, it is possible that they might turn off notification for you.


Not just users sometimes email service providers might get frustrated from you for sending emails in very big numbers. If you continue this practice, you might get flagged as spam. So be careful while sending emails. Food chains usually send emails near weekends or in the first two days of the week and maximum twice a week.


So these are all the points that these food delivery giants are keeping in their minds while connecting with their customers. Make sure that whenever you are making an approach toward your customers you are making it the right way. One big thing to know that they are doing it manually there are several email marketing automation tools that come handy in achieving your goals.

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