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Cloud Apps to Revolutionize the Tourism Sector

The unprecedented Covid-19 shook the world so hard that it affected almost every industry adversely. Amongst all, there had been a massive and severe impact on the travel industry, including hotels, airlines, and more across the globe.

Now that the nations have accelerated their vaccination drive and lifted the travel restrictions, the tourism sector can breathe some relief. 

However, expecting that the situations will return the same as they were may turn harmful for the travel companies. That is because people have become more cautious regarding their stays and travel arrangements. Things have changed; when people travel, they are likely to prioritize sanitation, cleanliness, and safety like never before.

According to Travel Technology Association's recent reports, 65% of the travelers feel safe at hotels equipped with the latest communication and contactless technology. They expect minimal physical interactions, UV light that kills harmful bacteria and viruses, and touch screen kiosks at the reception areas. 
As a result, hotels will have to go contactless entirely soon. To adapt to the new normal scenarios, they've already started relying on cloud apps for contactless check-ins and check-outs, as well as for customer meal orders placed through vending machines. 

This article spots light on some of the ways cloud communications and applications are speeding up the transition:
Enhanced guests’ stay experience
One of the essential characteristics that travelers look for when reviewing hotel services is little touch with the employees or, instead, any surface. Cloud Apps can solve this problem by using IoT and cloud-based devices.
The Internet of Things (IoT) is based on the idea that all items are on the hotel premises. Guests can control and monitor the in-room devices remotely through cloud-based applications such as virtual assistants.  
Cloud-based Property Management Software
Guests are more interested in noticing whether the hoteliers are efficient in their operations. A cloud-based PMS can make a guest's stay as smooth as possible while making the employees' jobs easier. 
From appealing hotel profiles to efficient direct booking engines to one-click check-in functionalities, a cloud PMS can automate and streamline the whole guest experience throughout their stay.
It enables the hotel crew to achieve exceptional levels of efficiency and allows them to focus on designing and delivering a seamless experience that guests not only appreciate but have grown to expect.
Cloud-based PMS enables the hotels to improve the guest experience, revenues, and occupancy rates, increasing customer loyalty. 
Communication Transparency
Communication between hotel departments that is based on transparency is critical. To provide the best service to guests, seamless coordination and collaboration are essential. 
Cloud-Based Software such as the hotel's in-house bots allows for quick and clear communication across all departments, ensuring that they are all operating successfully and efficiently, saving time, and providing a better and more personalized experience for guests and visitors. 

The travel industry is advancing at a high pace and the customers are demanding personalized services. To adapt to the changing needs of customers, the travel industry needs to use cloud-based technology. Providing multi-channel communication to customers will be a great help in providing better customer service. With a cloud-call center, drive your business to success and improve customer experience. 
IoT enabled apps to improve the supply of guest essentials.
In the post-pandemic era, when guests are more concerned about their health, maintaining a regular disinfection and cleaning schedule at the hotels is vital. Hotel personnel often find it challenging to meet the individual needs for sanitizers, toilet papers, towels, and soap. 

To address this challenge, many hotels have started to rely on IoT sensors that detect the needs when consumable supplies are running low in guest rooms and other facilities, allowing for better inventory management and timely replacement. The technology also helps in reducing waste and lessens the manual burden.
Chatbots Translator taking the digitization to the next level
Although chatbots are not new to the hospitality business, their value will continue to grow in the future. Based on their location, chatbot translators can instantly determine the languages used by website visitors. They can also handle simultaneous guest questions from all over the world and translate scripts on the fly. 
For example, many online chatbots go a step further by automating the collection of visitors’ reviews, booking confirmations, and onsite restaurant repairs to improve the guest experience.
The recent developments in Chatbots provide travelers with up-to-date information about coronavirus symptoms, outbreaks, and statistics. Chatbots will be new travel assistants for the guest, thanks to AI.
Event diagramming cloud-based software

The aftermath of the pandemic has also led to social distancing. Especially during events, planners and guests want to ensure that the rooms are not overcrowded and seating arrangements are well planned. According to a report, 56 percent of planners claimed that health and safety concerns about "safe spaces" will impact their site selection. 
Event planners and businesses can utilize event diagramming software to assist event planners in designing a safe and effective seating layout. Hotels and venues can leverage event diagramming technologies and floor designs to assist guests to feel comfortable at their venues.
Wrapping up
Given the world transition phase and rising safety concerns, the need for cloud-based platforms is at an all-time high. Contactless transactions, social distancing, and other safety measures are not possible without cloud-based apps. In no time, cloud technology, including IoT, AI, and Robotics, will be commended to revolutionize the tourism sector entirely.

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