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Tips To Get Your Customer Service Just Right

Because the market is so competitive, it has never been more important to expand your customer service game. Here are our best customer service tips to help you reach your goal.

What is one of the greatest ways to improve customer retention and differentiate yourself from the competition?
The answer is your customer service.

Your business can provide customer service through multiple channels. However, your telephone support is one of the most important and customer-oriented channels that needs the most attention.

That's why this blog post brings together the best customer service tips that your call center representatives can use to keep your business up to date.

So let's look at:
  • How to supply your agents effectively
  • Main points to look out for during customer calls
  • How to close conversations and monitor communication

Ideally, the problem is resolved in one call, but if not, they are confident that steps will be taken after the problem is resolved.  

So how do you give yourself the best chance to do just that?

Equip your representatives with the right tools

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, "If you can't plan, you're going to fail." Consistently high-quality communication is the key to success, and that means giving your agents the right equipment for the job.


#1. Have a good customer database and make the most of it

How many times have you been put on hold when a customer service representative finds your file?

Immediate access to relevant and useful caller information helps to make customer communication smooth, fast and ultimately satisfactory. In addition to the primary name and contact information, your database should also include the entire customer contact history, along with any previous tickets and notes.

This level of detail allows agents to quickly gain momentum and reach the heart of the caller's problem. There is a direct link between the speed of finding a solution and customer satisfaction, so it is essential to ensure that agents have all the resources they need in a well-organized system.


#2. Check your tool holder

With this in mind, it is worth regularly reviewing through your resources what is working and where there is room for improvement. How customers reach your business is constantly changing, so you need to continue to adapt.

By analyzing speech patterns and common improvements, you'll find ways to make troubleshooting smoother and less cumbersome.


#3. Let your customers reach you easily

This may seem contradictory today, as so many large companies are trying to hide their customer service numbers behind automated help. While some automation is worth it, talking to a person is not a real substitute.

How to get the call exactly right


#4. Show empathy

This is important so that agents can best approach calls. It's impossible to know what's going on on your caller's day: they could have a terrible morning or a huge rush. 

The best thing to do is align with these needs: you are on the same side and working together to solve a problem. By making it collaborative and using positive language, you show that you care about their problem and work hard so that they can continue their day.


#5. Provide clear information

If you need to put the caller on hold, explain why, how long it is likely to be, and thank them for waiting patiently. Don't be afraid to use a short hold to find information, especially if it helps solve the problem on the first call.

Avoid jargon by keeping your language straightforward, professional, concise, and clear.


#6. Practice active listening

When we call the helpline, we want everyone to understand. To prove this, reflect on their main concerns and ask meaningful questions to help you understand their struggle. 

By making sure you understand customer needs before you start troubleshooting, you can even offer a more comprehensive solution than the initially apparent temporary solution.


#7. Dealing with a complex customer

If you find yourself in a difficult situation with an unhappy, impatient or demanding caller, it is important to stay calm. Excuse me, take responsibility, and then keep listening. This way, you can provide them with clear information to help solve their problem.

How to put a call together


#8. Summarize what happened and the next steps you plan to take

Ending a call is a good way to offer your customers follow-up on another channel and confirm what further communication they will receive. If the problem is not completely resolved, this tip is especially relevant.

#9. Ask if there is anything else you can help

Customers don't want to feel cut off, but your calls shouldn't be delayed either. Asking a simple question not only gives them space and ensures that nothing is missed, but it also acts as a polite signal, allowing communication to have a clean and professional end.

A call for better customer service

There has never been a time in history where customer service has been so central to a company's growth. It has also become a key ingredient in increasing loyalty and improving customer retention.

In terms of customer service, your call center is perhaps the most important channel through which you can delight your customers. Even if you have the best customer support representatives next to you, providing star customer service is not an easy task.

If your representatives are properly prepared with these customer service tips, you can provide a much richer and more rewarding experience for everyone who works with your business.

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