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Abhimanyu Sharma is Founder & Director of Sarv.com along with expertise in digital marketing industry. Experience over 7 years, loves reading & writing. Preference is to share expertise and be as much informative & helpful as possible for people in similar industry.

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A Tribute...

Leadership - 17-03-2018 04:09:57 pm

We have lost a precious gem of our family “Satish Sharma” on 1st March 2018 who was a pillar to all of us. Here's a tribute from all of Sarv members.

How to Reduce the Customer Churn Rate? Learn It from Your Customers

Customer Relationship - 27-09-2017 02:50:56 pm

in this competition of retaining customers and presenting the best side of your company to your customers, here is how you can reduce the customer churn rate.

5 Social Media Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

Social Media Marketing - 02-09-2017 03:20:02 pm

In this article, you'll find 5 social media marketing strategies that actually work and help you attain your dream numbers. Read it now!

3 Biggest Lessons You Can Learn in the Corporate World

Leadership - 26-08-2017 02:32:29 pm

If you are working in the corporate sector and want to see your name at the top, here are the 3 Biggest Lessons You Can Learn in the Corporate World.

How to Write a Cold Email That People Can't Ignore

Email Marketing - 03-08-2017 12:19:16 pm

Have you tried sending cold emails to prospects and failed? Here are a few proven and effective ways of writing a cold email that people can’t simply ignore.

How to Do Marketing When You Own A Brand New Site (and a Tight Budget)

Online Marketing - 25-07-2017 03:43:27 pm

When you own a brand new site or a start up, money is indeed a major concern. Here are some ways to do marketing that will easily fit into your pocket and engage your audience.

What is 1 Best Way to Build a Quality Email List?

Email Marketing - 22-07-2017 03:16:11 pm

in order to maintain a clean list and a reputable sender reputation, here is one best way that will help you build a quality email list for your business. Read it now!

Sales Secrets You Can Learn in No Time!


More Category Includes

- 19-07-2017 12:41:38 pm

If you are a marketing sales aspirant and want to figure out the secrets for successful sales, you are at the right place. Here are 5 sales secret that you can learn in no time.

From the Singularity of Nothing to the Possibilities of Start-Up


More Category Includes

- 05-07-2017 11:18:36 am

Initiating a startup is a very bold step. But what makes it a success story is more important. A brief discussion on the Journey of Startup : idea, challenges, risks, failure and success.

Communication at the Workplace Which Everyone Should Know

Leadership - 20-06-2017 11:03:39 am

In this article, you'll find a few basic tips and styles to make communication easier in a business, that everyone at a workplace must know. Read it NOW!

How Can a Preheader Help Increase Email Conversion Rate?

Email Marketing - 05-06-2017 12:45:02 pm

Preheader text forms to be an important consideration in email marketing. So exactly what is a preheader text? Is this the same as your subject line? You will get all your answers in this post.

5 Amazing Email Design Trends to Watch This Year

Email Marketing - 01-06-2017 12:21:16 pm

Design forms an important part of an email. in order to stay updated, here is all you need to know about the creative email trends of this year. Read It Now!

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