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Abhimanyu Sharma is Founder & Director of Sarv.com along with expertise in digital marketing industry. Experience over 7 years, loves reading & writing. Preference is to share expertise and be as much informative & helpful as possible for people in similar industry.

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Design V/S Content: Check the Balanced Approach to Translate Into Results

Email Marketing - 27-05-2017 02:12:25 pm

Whenever you open an email in your inbox, what is the first thing that you are likely to notice? Design or content? Read this article now to learn how to make a balanced approach.

Behaviour Analysis through Multiple List Segmentation

Email Marketing - 20-05-2017 12:11:12 pm

Use the power of segmentation. With segmentation you can perform a behavioural analysis of your customers and improvise them in your existing strategies. Wondering how? Read this article Now!

How to Make Your Sales Follow-ups Effective to Draw More Business


More Category Includes

- 16-05-2017 12:22:40 pm

Want to make a successful follow up sales strategy? In this article, you'll find some best and effective tips to make relationship with customers. Read it Now!

6 Rules for a Responsive Survey to Make It Works!

Customer Relationship

More Category Includes

- 11-05-2017 02:42:44 pm

If you want to design a response gathering survey,In this article you'll find 6 best practises that you need to know and start working on them right now.

'How a Pleasant Gesture Like "Thank You" Can Foster Your Business'

Customer Relationship - 04-05-2017 11:21:19 am

In this era, where competition is inevitable, the companies are spending money even more than before to come up with new marketing strategies in order to attract the customers.

5 Special Marketing Practices for Leads Who are Not Ready to Buy

Online Marketing - 28-04-2017 11:36:06 am

Leads are your prospective customers and they are important for you because they are the ones that want your products. Here are 5 special marketing practices for leads who are not ready to buy.

Is Your Business Focused Only to Make Money?

Online Marketing - 25-04-2017 03:19:52 pm

Remember that there is a limit to how much you can save but there is no limit to how much you can earn. Here are some ways by which you can think out of the box and make more money for your business.

5 Winning Digital Marketing Strategies for SMEs

Online Marketing - 12-04-2017 04:07:37 pm

These winning strategies are sure to affect the survival of a small and medium firm in the market.

How IVR Adds to Growth of Hotel Business

Cloud Telephony - 01-04-2017 06:25:07 pm

IVR is booming the hotel industry and solving their basic issues. Market analysts suggest that this trend in the hotel business is likely to continue for a significant number of coming years.

How to Establish Credibility In Business

Customer Relationship - 29-03-2017 11:05:29 am

Revenue can be earned only when the customer is happy. No need to make compromises to make your customer happy, instead follow these tactics to gain the trust.

Email automation for startups: Run a successful business

Email Marketing - 23-03-2017 11:03:18 am

Check-out and read all about the Email Automation and learn why startups must consider looking into email automation.

[Infographic] 20 Email Marketing Tips From the Pros

Email Marketing - 15-03-2017 04:01:38 pm

To help you get started, we've come up with our 20 favorite tips from pros.

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