Cloud Contact Center to Transform Customer Interaction

Cloud contact centers are the new talk for the town. Organizations around the world know how technology is evolving and taking new turns in development. It is not just a tool to keep calls rolling, but to manage labor costs efficiently. The best cloud contact center is a complete package that emphasizes enhancing customer experience. Features like omni channel routing, self-service tools, intelligent routing, multi-level IVR, auto dialer, click to call, and many more are part of it.

If you are wondering how cloud contact centers can maximize customer interaction, then focus on these specific points.

Rapid Deployment & Implementation

Pandemic has let organizations realize the importance of location flexibility. Understand that cloud contact centers are the solution that increases efficiency at a minimal cost. Delivering robust end-to-end solutions with a handful of customization options and working as per the needs is what cloud contact centers do.

Instead of months, launch your cloud call center in weeks and facilitate conversations across all communication channels. You can custom tailor your solution with the help of a specialist. Ensure endless possibilities of success with custom virtual agents. Provide immediate conversational self-service at a faster rate.

Migrating to cloud contact centers can enhance call response rates by 5%. The latest technology can leverage your business to run efficiently and help you reduce the Average Speed of Answer (ASA) by 50%.

Work from Anywhere

Businesses in the post-pandemic world enabled contact center agents to work from home (anywhere - even remote locations) while keeping the organization running. The new standard operating model supports the contact centers' capabilities most efficiently and optimally.

A seamless process, supporting live agents, routing calls, reducing call center volumes by serving the customers through different channels like voice, email, chatbots, etc. The time-consuming and tedious process in on-premise solutions gets streamlined. The flexibility of time and place ensures on-time delivery of answers.

As per the Gartner report, approximately 7 in 10 (68%) customer service and assistance companies worked from conventional call centers. Also, less than 10% of the workers operated from home. Swift change witnessed as of the beginning of 2020, 25% of companies have shifted contact centers off-premises, 53% jump in at-home full agents - Nemertes Research.

Workload Management

Cloud-based contact centers are living up to the hype. During peak season, crisis, or other events involving influx of inbound calls, agents can easily manage the portal, resolve customer queries. Get outstanding customer service while boosting operational productivity and ROI with the integration of AI and ML.

The process is relatively simple, and anyone can begin with a virtual agent initially. For the future, organizations can expand their capabilities by serving the customer through additional channels, like voice, chat, social, smart speaker, etc. Digital labor can resolve queries with no involvement of human resources - automate answers to all old and new questions. It will scale the room of efficiency, fulfilling customer complex inquiries.

The response speed is essential for workload management and eliminating the rates of unsatisfied customers. It takes minutes to set up cloud contact with the help of IT support. The workload management can help in retention, and the companies that increased customer retention by 5% witnessed an increase in their profits between 25% - 95%.

Security & Reliability

Security comes before anything. Whenever customers choose the internet - data security is the first that comes to their mind. Not only the sole customer but businesses also need their data to be secured. Most of the cloud solutions leverage highly available data centers to store data.

Take a closer look at the security of the organizations you are planning to invest in. Look for infrastructure that provides businesses unique capabilities to innovate while ensuring safety and compliance. If the service is down for a single minute, it will affect the cost and customer interaction.

As per the data of Salesforce, the cloud-based call agents are more secure and less prone to downtime when compared to on-premise models. Also, 91% of businesses that moved to cloud contact centers have confirmed this fact. Get rid of redundant native environments with cloud-based contact centers.

Greater Return on Investment (ROI)

Pandemic changed the thinking and livelihood of people. Many companies are going through a period of uncertainty, and this requires preparations for instability. Building flexibility in both the pricing and capacity of contact centers will enhance the scalability and meet the fluctuating demands.

Utilizing cloud-based call centers to reduce costs without compromising customer satisfaction is an important step. For significant ROI, determine complex transactions to be handled by an automated IVR system. ROI includes shifting of human agents to live customer service agents.

AI virtual agents for more complex interactions can create efficiencies, driving ROI from a call center transformation. This model eliminates expensive capital expenditures (CAPEX) costs from balance sheets. As per the data, around 90% of contact centers switched to the cloud for financial stability.

Wrap Up!

Many early adopters are moving forward with pace to reinforce their faith in the future of customer interaction technology. Remember, the next-generation customer service will thrive on personalized interactions, convenience, and agility. Transformation into a cloud contact center will resolve issues like capitalization, human error, etc. It will develop tangible value and eradicate all the hindrances caused by cultural, technological, and psychological barriers.

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