Dos And Don'ts to Rely On for Cloud Telephony And Branding

Brand trust has become a top priority for customers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. But you know what has made it more challenging? Remote working. This has made many of us adapt to digital technologies.

During this change, cloud services have become the hero of most organizations because they can connect with their customers no matter where the support teams work.

The vaccine has already arrived in the market, but work from home is still on priority. And this has made cloud telephony providers be available for customers all the time.

However, trust and confidence only exceed availability and accessibility. If you want to build lasting customer relationships, you need to go further.


# Do's for Your Cloud Customer Support Team                                                          


Building brand trust can be sometimes difficult and might become more challenging when you get connected with your customers remotely with cloud telephony.


# Having a Clear Process is Imperative                                                          


While cloud services keep your team up and running, agents can be overwhelmed by change. Defining a clear process makes it easier for agents to handle the new way of working and to provide top-notch services and callers.


In addition to documenting a clear process, defining goals and KPIs are critical to monitoring team performance. It is also a good time to update your knowledge base so that the team can act consistently on behalf of the brand.


# Give The Team The Right Tools                                                          


The second step you need to follow with your cloud phone solution is to give your team the right tools. To get started, they need a reliable collaboration tool that keeps all agents on the same page. IVR is a plus, as it helps direct calls to the right agents, which increases the chances of resolving the first call. Your team also needs a CRM application to track customer expectations and stay one step ahead.


# Go The Extra Mile by Communicating                                                          


Smooth communication is the cornerstone of great customer support and brand credibility. This becomes even more important when you launch your contact center in the cloud.


Make sure your agents have excellent communication skills so they can resolve issues and problems quickly and effortlessly. Excellent communication facilitates internal processes and ensures good cooperation between team members.


# Train Agents for a Smooth Transition                                                          


Even with many uses of the cloud service, it can still be a complex technology for your agents, and they need time to get used to it.


The longer they take, the further away you are from building trust and loyalty to your brand. Investing in agent training and education is the best step you can take for a smooth transition. If they can solve problems well, customers will automatically trust your brand through remote support.


# Don'ts for Cloud Customer Support Team                                                          


While taking these steps will keep your cloud customer support team on track, there are a few things to avoid. Here are some things to avoid if you want to maintain brand confidence with a cloud phone.


# Compromise on Service Quality                                                          


Poor service quality kills brand trust, especially when you communicate from afar. If your team doesn’t offer every caller a great experience every time they come, chances are customers will leave permanently. Even the most advanced technology doesn't offer the benefits it could offer, so make sure your agents never compromise on the customer experience.


# Use a Reactive Approach                                                          


Another thing your team must not do when working with a cloud phone is to respond with customer interaction. You need to be aware of preventative measures, such as sending reminders and updates on time. When you are out of sight, you can easily be out of your mind and consumers will lose faith in your brand sooner rather than later. Make sure you are one step ahead of your expectations, not your back!


# Micromanage                                                          


You’ll probably feel micro-controlled with your team when they work remotely with a cloud-based solution, but that’s the last thing you should do. The way of thinking shows that you do not trust your employees, and this is certainly reflected in their work.


When agents are dissatisfied with managers, they do not communicate well with customers, which can lead to a loss of brand credibility.


# Be Afraid of The Transition                                                          


Switching to a cloud phone is no longer an option, but a compulsion to survive and develop in the new normality. However, you cannot afford to be afraid of the transition. It will only kill your team's confidence and morale.


Low morale acts as a negative force for them and can further impair their performance when dealing with customers.


Following these guidelines and languages with a cloud telephony solution will help your business secure brand confidence even in times of crisis. Hold on to them and you can win the trust of the game.

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