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Customer Service Recovery Strategies For...

Customer Relationship - Sep 14 2021

Troubles are inevitable, and every business will face them once in a while. Once this happens, it usually affects the customers. Resulting in angry and upset customers. With this article, you can know

Use virtual collaboration to improve...

Information Technology

More Category Includes

- Sep 06 2021

Virtual collaboration is the activity of people on the web to create an idea, review a project or implement it, despite the fact that they work in different places and at different times. When you run

Tips for Pitching Your Investors

Business Tips

More Category Includes

- Aug 25 2021

Investors can help a person with the idea with all the financial problems. Pitching your investor can solve serious cash problems of the business.  So, if you are planning to go with pitching, you n

Tips To Get Your Customer Service Just Right


More Category Includes

- Aug 10 2021

Every good company wants to provide excellent customer service, but it’s not always easy to balance that with other business needs and goals. Read this article to get the best tips for your customer

Know-How Cloud Telephony is Helping Social...

Cloud Telephony - Jul 14 2021

There is a good chance that you will turn a blind eye when we say that organizations in social services need as strong technical support and smooth communication systems as their counterparts in the b

Audio Conferencing: Types, Benefits and Advantages

Cloud Telephony - May 29 2021

Whether in a business or not, communication is the bridge that helps you engage with your colleagues, teams, and customers to excel.

How to Choose an SMS Service Provider? The...

SMS MARKETING - May 03 2021

Today, businesses of all sizes know how powerful SMS marketing is. That’s why choosing the right SMS service provider is very important. Running a campaign is second to this.

Ways to Make The Best Customer Interaction

Customer Relationship - May 01 2021

Every time a customer tries to contact a business, they have high hopes, hopes of getting a better and detailed response within a day or two.

Importance of Personalized Customer Service...

Customer Relationship - Apr 29 2021

We can say, customer service meets your customer's needs. Your business can have a lot of product/service lines. However, if your customer has expectations of your brand, it is your responsibility.

Autodialer, DTMF and Multi-IVR: Introduction...

Cloud Telephony - Apr 22 2021

Cloud telephony has different elements that make it whole. In this article, we are going to tell you about three basic elements of cloud telephony. We will be covering a basic introduction to them,

Cloud Telephony for Election Campaigns

Cloud Telephony - Apr 16 2021

India is a country of plurality. Our home is not only different cultures or languages but also numerous political identities. The number of political parties in the country reflects the same.

Cleansing CRM Customer Data: How to Clean It

Cloud Telephony - Apr 14 2021

Clean, organized, and accurate, these three are the important traits of an ideal customer database. Around 51% of businesses using automation tactics, it is likely that they are collecting a considera

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101 Actionable Email Marketing Tips: The...

Online Marketing

More Category Includes

- Jan 08 2021

Are you confused that how to make your email marketing compelling and from where you need to start? In this guide, you’ll find 101 actionable email marketing best practices & tips. Read Now!

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