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Call Center Metrics: Inbound Call Center Metrics

Cloud Telephony - Mar 16 2021

A loyal customer base is a dream of any business across any industry. Businesses are working hard to sustain or increase their customer base every day.

Voice OTP: Working, Applications, Features


More Category Includes

- Mar 12 2021

Voice OTP acts as an additional layer of security for your users. As you start using this service, you eliminate the threat of data security and phishing attacks.

Use of Toll-Free Numbers for Financial Services

Toll Free Nubmer - Mar 06 2021

In a competitive business world, winning customers is all about an exceptional customer experience. The rule applies to all business areas, including financial services.

How Does Automated Marketing Funnel Help a...

Email Marketing - Feb 26 2021

Whether you are a business person or just a simple guy, we all thrive for growth. It is the thing that keeps us motivated towards our goals. If we talk about businesses, just like us, they need to sur

Best Tips To Consider While Choosing Call...

Cloud Telephony - Feb 24 2021

In order to become a brand that customers love and to whom they are loyal, the company must give them a reason. Customers value trusted brands.

Autoresponders: Triggered Emails Can Trigger...

Email Marketing - Feb 20 2021

When you work with emails, it is hard to make people invest their time in you. Above that, it is even harder to make them invest money.

B2B Marketing in 2021: Statistics and Tactics

Business - Feb 18 2021

A lot had happened in 2020. It is the year that cannot be forgotten easily. The pandemic for sure changed the world a lot, same goes for B2B marketing.

How to Boost Your Customer Communication in...

Customer Relationship - Feb 11 2021

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the business of all sizes.This triggered a change in the mindset of business owners who are adopting the latest technology to speed up their business cost-effectively

Email Images: How to Select and How to Avoid

Email Marketing - Feb 06 2021

we talked about how email images are beneficial for boosting your CTR. In this article, we will move a step ahead, and we will talk about how to select the right images for your emails and why we nee

Boost Your CTR Using Email Images

Email Marketing - Feb 02 2021

Email is one effective way when it comes to campaign marketing. If we calculate the average ROI of an email campaign, it is nearly 122%.

Different B2B sales trends to adapt in 2021

Business - Jan 29 2021

It is impossible to talk about 2021 without acknowledging the transformation of 2020. We have gone through so much in 2020.

Click To Call: Why? What? and How?

Many times we have seen “Call Us!”, “Connect With Us!” buttons on some websites or applications. This button has been increasingly popular on websites and applications.

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101 Actionable Email Marketing Tips: The...

Online Marketing

More Category Includes

- Jan 08 2021

Are you confused that how to make your email marketing compelling and from where you need to start? In this guide, you’ll find 101 actionable email marketing best practices & tips. Read Now!

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