Why Testimonials and Review are Important In Customer Relation Building

Emailers, one thing that everyone is trying to crack to bring more juice to their marketing plans and strategies. But these are not that easy enough to crack. As a marketer if you are writing an emailer there are big chances that you are going to be biased. You will be using some unreal pleasing words to attract a customer. But these are not enough to bring a customer’s interest in your proposal.

When a satisfied customer leaves a review for you, explains his experience then this is what you must use in your emailers. Try to make a blend of those genuine words of satisfaction with your marketing words. Until and unless a person is referred to your service, it will be hard to trust an unknown business. This trust can be made strong and transparent with words from the testimonies you got.


Get Feedbacks from Your Customers:

There are different ways to approach your customers to get a testimony that you can publish. Whenever you are into conversation with your customers try to ask them about their previous experience with your service or products. If you are receiving negative or flat feedback make sure to note them. This feedback will be the cornerstone in bringing important improvement in your work-flow.

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If the feedback you received is positive and they seem satisfied with your services then ask them for testimony or a review. If a customer is not into writing testimony or review just ask him for a star rating or number rating. This will clear up so many things for you. These testimonies tell you what are strong points. Now there are so many different ways you can utilize these words you got.


Spread Testimonial in Marketing Practices:

Now the question is where you can use these testimonies. So the answer is simple here, use it with every possible marketing practice you are performing. Whether it is brochures, website, blog page, emailers, newsletter, marketing video. Connecting your marketing content with this genuine content will increase the chances for people to trust you more.

It is normal people know that marketer is biased, marketers have benefits if he sells them anything but until a customer sees a benefit for themself, he or she will not show any interest. But if customers see that others are also trusting you or in your service then it clears their clouds of doubt about you.


Share Others Experience Using Testimonials:

Testimonies are usually not only about selling. If you were good with your customers in building the relations then it also can be used as a testimony. People not just want to get a good service they also need to experience the best business-customer relation too. Your service may be great for them but if you were not able to create a smooth relation with your customer it is in vain. This bad relation will become toxic and you might end up losing a customer.

So with testimonies, you can convince your potential customers about how good you are at delivering solutions. Not just that, with this you can convince them about your relationships with your customers.


Building Social Belief with Reviews and Testimonials:


A potential customer is always full of questions and testimonials are the best answer they can get. So, how do you make these testimonies visible to your customers? When making testimonies, try to spread it with the help of social media. As a client writes testimony for you just make a decent image out of it and share it on your social platform. New testimonies should also be shared with your current customer. Sharing with current customers lets them know that there are more people joining you.


Marketers know how social belief works and how people trust these genuine words from others. That’s why they use an expression like:

  • 9/10 doctor use ………
  • Join 1500 people who are ………

These kinds of phrases let people believe that you are already being trusted by others. This gives them a surety to trust you.

People always love to hear the story and these testimonies are just like one. Turn a testimony into success stories of yours and publish them on your blog or stories page. This way customers will be able to connect with you emotionally and this emotional attachment will help you build a strong relationship with them. With time all you need to keep them satisfied and nurture it to grow strong.

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