How is Technology Changing Customer Experience Service

Technology, one thing that is making our lives easier, and it is bringing changes in most of the industries. Customer service and support are one of these industries that experience newness with new technologies. From AI to self-services to social media, all these are making big changes in day-to-day customer experience. But big changes do not come as easy as we speak. These changes come with their own challenges.

As these technologies get introduced to customer service practitioners, it brings a big exponential change in the learning curve with itself. It is the result of adapting and learning these new normals. Sometimes these changes can be costly for businesses and these also bring a big question with itself.

“Will it replace humans?”

If we look at it carefully, these technologies are not here to replace us or take over our jobs. It is simply here to make our work and process more efficient, time-saving, and smooth. So in simple words, ‘It will not replace humans.’


Let’s dive into the blog to know these technologies and changes it will be bringing soon into our customer experience service.

Video Conferencing:

Till today, we are used to the company calls that we receive daily or once in a week or else. But as psychology says that eye contact is one of the most effective ways of making good relationships with others. Their relations help a business to retain their customer more effectively. Then how is technology making it more efficient? Well, the answer lies in video conferencing.

Video conferencing gives your customer the same experience as of a real meeting. Not just it, business executives do not need to travel anymore. So it’s traveling cost and time. Also, meetings can be done from anywhere in the world and anytime. This flexibility is not part of a real physical meeting. So schedule meetings wherever possible and attend it from anywhere.

Cloud Telephony and CRM:

Managing customers through call centers is one way of doing it. But it is neither effective nor efficient as they have to buy more systems and hire more people to do the work. This problem is eliminated with solutions like Cloud Telephony and CRM. Cloud Telephony allows you to work with lesser people than physical call centers. The software also removes the hassle of calling equipment. An agent can take calls from their own phone and can also switch back to the system. Not only that, every call is directed and filtered according to departments and areas of expertise of the agents and agents status, like if free or on another call.

With CRM one can manage more customers from a single screen. CRM software offers you several different software and features integrations to make your work easy.

Chats vs Emails:

Emails are among us for very long now. Customer service adapted this technology very efficiently to reach its customers easily and quickly. Emails were rarely in real-time but they were important for the conversation between a business and its customers. But nowadays people do not want to wait much, we need answers to our queries as soon as possible. This led us toward the rival of emails and that is live chat.

It is just like calling customer service but without voice and more features. Some live chat support uploading files and images for making the chat more informative and this way they will be able to solve problems precisely.

Some live chat systems are integrated with AI to give users already stored answers to their users. This reduces the load from an agent and saves time on both ends.

Flexible Remote Working:

We all know the current condition of the world. We all are caged in our own house for our own safety. This pandemic taught so many businesses how technology can connect them with their customers. Services like a call center, social media+ handling, and other works can be done from anywhere now. Also, this norm is going to be permanent in a few years from now as it saves a lot of time and money for both employees and the company.

Services like email, live chat, and social media can be handled from just a simple smartphone. Rather than being confined to a place, now services can be delivered from anywhere. This flexibility increases the productivity of services reps and helps them achieve their goals easily.

AI is Assistant not Replacement:

AI, a word that scared us in Terminator, Resident Evil, and many more sci-fi movies. But, is it really that scary? Is it really going to take over us? Well, the answer is no. Not this soon. Current AI is not up to that level but it is capable of assisting you very well with taking over your work. Now, where are these AI in customer service?

So, these AIs can be seen in live chatbots that customer services use to connect. AI uses a set of questions from which users choose a question related to the situation and AI gives a predefined answer. This saves time for both ends.

Cloud telephony uses AI to redirect calls to an agent that is free or is an expert for current customer situations.

The companies need to stay updated with these bots and AI functionalities to deliver amazing customer service with cutting edge technology.

Blockchain and eCommerce:

Paying with bitcoin in eCommerce sounds the same as paying with currency. Cryptocurrency is not the solution here, the solution is on which it is built, that is blockchain. The blockchain contains fascinating features that make secure contracts and transparent payments.

This way managers and executives will be able to easily track the money and deliver good values to their customers. So less time spent on money can be used to make business values greater.

Self-Service Serves More:

The trend of self-services started from the time when user manuals started to exist. It was the first time technology eased an understanding of services for a user. Then from printed user manuals to digital ones, things changed a lot. Different businesses introduced different self-service methods like FAQ, blogs, tutorial videos, virtual assistants, and others.

Big businesses have already moved to and adapted these changes. This way they are introducing more robust and sophisticated customer service. This will make the interaction more quick and aware of users.

Social Media:

Now social media is not anymore an advertisement platform for businesses. People think of these channels as a  quick way of connecting with their trusted brands. Whether it is a comment or direct message, customers are connecting with businesses more frequently on social media.

Spontaneous interaction is necessary for a business to save their customers from a bad experience. This bad experience can be shared on social media by customers and damage the reputation of the company or a good experience can be shared and work in the favor of the brand.

Mediums that were used for promoting a business are now creating business and customer relationships better. Technology is sure going to make big changes in the field of customer service. Adapting to these technologies in time will help a business a lot and those who are not capable of doing so will fall to the stone age of customer service.

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