7 Proven Tips to Make Your Email More Human

Email Marketing has become such an important technique to grow up that you simply can’t avoid the benefits of this marketing technique at all.


You’re working hard to make your email compelling. In every festival, you’re filing the inbox of your customers with your attractive emails. You’re trying to do your best to make it valuable.


Trust me, all in vain if those emails are not getting opened by your customers. All hard work will be nothing if your email is not at all getting recognized by your customers.


So, as a marketer or as a businessman you have to admit this fact that the first step of your email marketing strategy is, getting opened by your subscribers.


Suppose you get an email from a business and just below that you can see an email from a person, whose email you would like to open first? Obviously the second one, after all, it is exclusively for you, right?


The time when we see any company’s name no doubt we start imagining that…  


Okay! New offers are there or some sales trick!


So, at last, it’s your writing, which will decide that how you’re going to attract your readers. But, sometimes we forget some really important facts such as:

  • The principle that people consider a real person first, not machines.

  • Believe me! It’s a two-way medium and you’re not the only who have to keep speaking.

  • email is about creating relations and not about sales raising programs.

Here are 7 factors that you should keep in your mind before sending your emails to your readers.

1. Mind Your Language

Language can’t be neglected either you’re talking to someone or writing to someone. Here are few things that you should keep in your mind at the starting of the creation of an email.


Greet Your Readers

Whenever you call someone on phone or even talk in person, have you ever jumped to the main point without even saying, Hi?


No right?


Until or unless you’re so against of the basic human courtesy. So, before jumping into conversation directly, try first to give a human touch by saying Hi or Hello or even the old-fashioned one Dear. Give them importance by asking them that How you’re doing? Or How are you?


This will create a human touch and the person reading the mail will feel that “yes. I am important for this guy.”

They Do Have A Name

You’re at a carnival and someone is calling you from the back and shouting at you Hey! Listen… Might be you’ll turn back, but with a confusion that Is he really calling me? Do not create such confusion while writing and make your readers feel that this email is for nobody but for them only.


Use their first name in spite of using their designation or any other information.

2. Play Social With Your Readers

Being a marketer you have to be social as you have no other choice left in this. Getting chosen by readers where they’ll start considering you more than a from address what we call achievement for a brand. This can be done when you’ll make your readers realize that like you there are other people too who are trusting you.

Provide Social Proof

Coming and shouting that you have these many customers and you’re a very big brand won’t work for you.


Talk about the proof. Include reviews a nd experience of your customers so that your readers can understand and trust you better.graze does a great job in their emails:


Be A Devil’s Advocate

Giving good reviews all the time and talking good about you every time will take out the interest of your readers from you. Create humor and be funny sometimes, raise an objection ad to become a devil’s advocate for yourself.

3. Look Up Your Design

Emails are needed to design for the ease of use and for playing a detective game.

Use proper Navigation

Driving is so easy when proper navigation is available, right! Same goes for your emails. Follow a proper pattern and provide Call To Action buttons wherever it’s required. It can help your readers to get more information.


Use An F Pattern

While reading an email people generally scan left to right and then the top of the email then again they scan to the smaller left to right and return before reaching the bottom left corner.


Making an F like structure. So, Designing your email In such structure can help your readers to get your content more easily and see your CTA clearly.

4. Give A Reason

Whenever someone asks for something, but will give no reason for it. Would you prefer to entertain such people?




You’ll have some questions in mind like, why me? What he needs that? And many more. This is what actually happens when you send an email, but give no reason that why they should opt you.


Gradually the request starts appearing as an order and your email will end no way but to their spam. So, always give an appropriate reason, because that’s how we do in real life right!

5. Give Voice To Your Email

When you read something you give a voice to it. The Same goes when your readers read your email. They read it with a voice and if that voice is not there and they feel like there is no ups and downs. Your emails start sounding like a robot to them.


Nobody would like to give their money to machines and why would they?


So. it is very necessary for you to fix your tone, tempo, and variation of your language in real time. So that readers can feel that they are in conversation with a person and not someone is ordering them.


6. Work On Your Subject Line

It’s not the just email body that you have to make it as human, but even your subject line and your address as well. Give a personal touch in your subject line as well, make them attractive and keep them real.


Just to make your subject line attractive and compelling you can’t make false promises. Keep it real simple and attractive. Coming to the sender’s address, try putting your name, and make them appear as a human being is responsible for this email.


7. Never Add Extras

This is a rare mistake but try not to do this.


Adding other people in CC will make your email look like no more personal. If you need to email the same thing to different people better you mail them personally rather than putting them in CC.


It will appear as calling your whole colony to a party to listen to your private conversation. Always try to maintain the privacy and personalization of your email.


Coming to the end, keep in your mind that email marketing can have two faces: It can be worse if you keep on blasting hundreds of emails to the people until they either they spam or unsubscribe you. But you can even see its best corner by providing it a scale of 1:1 relationships.

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