Problems In Video Conference and How Wave Tackling It

What struggles us more when it comes to video conferencing? There are so many issues that stop us from getting more out of video conferencing software. All these problems are faced normally while we use this software in our day to day life. In this article, we are going to cover these problems and their solutions, so you can get the best out of your video conferencing solution.

User-Based Problems:

One main reason why the end-user faces many problems is that they are not familiar with the software they use. This sometimes makes a user avoid using that software.

How a User Can Tackle: What a user can do is, take a tour of the software first before using it at full pace. But, do you have this much time to invest in an application while you are maintaining your office work and other stuff? It would really be hard to make time for this.

How is Wave Tackling It: Whenever an individual or institute connects with us, we initially provide them with a full tour of the software. This tour can be either virtual or given by videos we have already made for our user-base. Did we get your attention here? If yes, you can visit us on YouTube to have a glance at Wave by yourself.

Network Problem:

“Network Problem”, most of the time it occurs when you have a meeting, and you don’t want to attend it, or you are late for the meeting. Isn’t it? Jokes apart, it is a common problem that we all have faced several times. Due to which, audio glitches, the video starts freezing, response delay while collaborating, and much more.

How a User Can Tackle: First of all, test the internet speed your system is getting. You can do that by visiting ‘speed testing’ websites on your browser. So, if you are getting less speed then you need to look for any active download or a device that is on the same network and using the internet. If you are sharing the same network with your family, you might face this problem very frequently. Another way is to use a LAN cable instead of Wi-Fi.

How is Wave Tackling It: Simple, we made our software compatible with low internet bandwidth without compromising the quality of the conference. At present Wave functions at 128kbps, where others need a minimum of 400kbps. Now, if we calculate the internet consumption, others need 500MBs to 900MBs of data for an hour meeting while Wave uses only 200MBs for the same.


Video and Audio Problem:

Noise is the one problem that we all face in both video and audio. In audio, we also find echo as a problem. In the video, we find no feed from the camera. These problems can also be the result of bad hardware or outdated software.

How a User Can Tackle: First, always keep your OS, application, and drivers updated. Keep your device ready with new hardware. You should use a good HD webcam. For audio, try to have a decent noise-canceling headphone.

I know these solutions sound like a big hole in your wallet. A decent HD webcam is not going to cost that much. But, if you buy a decent headphone with noise cancellation, it will cost you 7000-12000 INR. Also, if you go for the industry best, it is above 20K.

How is Wave Tackling It: As you already know that we run smoothly on low internet speed, which means videos are not going to cause you a problem. If your application is using more RAM, then it will cause some glitches in the video.

But Wave is built to use less process power of your computer, so RAM will never be the problem here.

Also, Wave has its very own Noise Cancellation Extension. With this, you can cancel out extra noise in the mic and make your meeting experience very smooth.

Wave is also a platform-independent video conferencing solution. That means, it only requires a browser to run. So, no worry about updating it, we are already taking care of that.



Security is one big concern for anyone, whether an individual or a firm. No one wants their data to be used in a harmful way for self or others. To deal with that, make sure that whatever solution you are using is secure enough.

How a User Can Tackle: You must research well on the software or solution you are about to use. There are several different types of security measures, and you should understand all those well. Not just software, you should keep your OS updated with the latest security patches.

How is Wave Tackling It: Wave uses end to end encryption to protect every bit of information that it transmits to its servers. Along with that, Wave uses Indian based servers to keep its services running smoothly. So, your data is not going into the hands of other countries.

Another way Sarv has solved this problem is by providing an on-premises setup of Wave. Sarv will install and set up Wave on servers owned by firms. This way, their data will never leave their premises.

So finally, we have discussed all the issues that anyone in video conferencing software has. And, you know how Wave is taking care of all these. Then the only thing that is left is you visiting Sarv Wave and start hosting a video conference with your family and friends. So stop reading now and connect with people you care about and let us take care of anything else.

Wave is the answer to all Problems with Video Conferencing

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