• Cost Effective

    30% less costlier than market value
  • Wifi Connectivity

    Turn your device into a WiFi hotspot.
  • USB Port

    Connect a pen drive or data cable.
  • Portable (Pocket Friendly)

    You can put this device in your pocket.
on premises-device
  • Automatic Backup

    Backup your data automatically every night.
  • Low Power Consumption

    It consumes very less power.
  • High Speed

    Delivers high-speed data connectivity.
  • Cloud Syncing

    Sync with cloud and controlled by cloud.

We offer a dedicated Cloud Telephony Dot device directly to your premises. It transfers all your calls to the cloud. You don’t need to take the headache of connecting your calls to the Internet. SarvDot device delivers high-speed data connectivity at low power consumption. It acts as local storage and also provides local stability. This small device sync with the cloud and controlled by cloud.

SarvDot Dashboard

A Dashboard is just what it sounds like - here you can check all your statistics

on_premises dashboard
  • Today’s Incoming Calls

    A number of incoming calls of today
  • Today’s Outgoing Calls

    Daily statistics of all calls made by agents
  • Today’s Total Calls.

    A total number of calls (Incoming and Outgoing) in a day
  • Incoming and Outgoing Calls till now

    The complete number of Incoming & Outgoing calls till now
  • Total Calls Till Now

    The complete number of your calls (Incoming & Outgoing) till now
  • A Graphic Presentation

    A Graphical representation of your all statistics

Create Extension

You can add or create extension yourself easily

Extension Type

Select Chan SIP in extension type.

Extension Number

Extension number associated with the user and you can use any numeric digit.

Display Name

This is the name associated with this extension. This will become the Caller ID Name.

Outbound CID

Follow this Format: "caller name" <#######>

Email Address

Add email address of your agent or extension. This field is optional.


Password should be alphanumeric with at least 2 letters and numbers to keep it secure.


You can check the complete report of your agents or extensions.

Add a Blacklist Number

Blacklist any specific number you want.Just enter the number
and select a reason.

blakelist dashboard

Recording Info

Check recording of your agents for both incoming and outgoing calls.
Download the recording in your local system or listen recording on server without downloading.

recording dashboard
Search Filter

Search Filter

Everything is searchable in SarvDot dashboard.
To narrow down the scope of your search, filter your report by clicking on search icon.

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