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How Video Conferencing is Creating a New Reality

During the time, when COVID-19 was not a thing we used to connect with people in the real world. But as the pandemic hit us, we all got separated and were unable to connect. That separation affected so many entities. As many offices were used to work by connecting with people to make their work done. Even after this pandemic attack, the planet did not stop moving then why should people?

But how is this isolation not good for us? In research, it was shown that people who are at home are at higher risk of depression, anxiety, and loneliness. This effect on people’s mental state was also affecting their lives and relationships.

To run our world, we needed a solution that can connect us again. In this search, Video conferencing was the one that emerged as the right solution that connected us all in a virtual world.

The user experience of a video conferencing platform plays a major role in connecting your employees and teams. At present, there are so many video conferencing tools that are out there to help you make connections with your team. But some of them lack the user experience and that can affect the virtual reality of remote working.

Many platforms were out there claiming that they are here to connect people but it is not the platform that connects people it is the genuine feel one experience while using the platform. Because ultimately, such emotions help anyone make work productive.

How Video Conferencing Started:

The idea was first seen in some sci-fi movies. Then, in 1968, AT&T came with a groundbreaking teleconferencing system, The Picturephone. Conferencing on this device was only for 10 minutes but it was very expensive. This device brought ideas to other tech giants and then in 1990 advanced technology made video conferencing cheaper from 1968.

Dawn of User Experience:

There were some companies that first jumped into this solution. This contribution gave the rise to user experience in video conferencing. These new video conferencing and online learning platforms updated the definition of user experience.

To give users a relatable experience they denoted action buttons with day-today life names. Like, “call”, “hang up”, “join”. These lead to a new and easier experience that is much similar to daily life.

What Were We Still Lacking?

The thing that this software was lacking was the focus and interest of its users. While in a meeting, there were so many distractions for a participant. Participants might be engaged in a text or multi-tasking some other work. Not just that, our preset mindsets are also making it hard for us all to make the experience better.

We are more comfortable with in-person meetings than
virtual meetings. The reason behind it is the emotion that we experience in a physical meeting that we lack in a virtual one.

Flexibility Made It More Usable:

When big names like Facebook and YouTube started to take interest in the virtual world of live streaming and video calling they gave flexibility with it. These companies brought video conferencing to our smartphones aggressively. But what they brought was good for one to one video chat or one to group or group to group chat. These solutions were made to connect people at distance but this was not an ideal solution for businesses.

Business Oriented Solutions:

For business purposes, there are several objectives that a business meeting requires. A few of the features are collaboration, sharing, storage, encryption, privacy, and simple UI and UX.  There are several platforms that have adapted these features well, but very few were capable of adapting them at full potential by implementing them in perfect harmony.

There is a basic framework for a video conferencing solution. After filling that framework, companies started to add more and more features to their software that is compatible and practical for a conference.

Making a custom grid, personalization with filter and virtual background are few of these extra features. Making a solution user friendly and user compatible were two big reasons that made video conferencing a perfect solution for creating a virtually connected world. As COVID-19 is still a thing, and no one knows when it is going to end, we all can assume that we are going to live in this virtual reality a little longer.
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