Reactivate Your Business Contacts in 7 Easy Steps

Recently we shared an article on how you can do more with less and less of your emails. In that article, there was a section where I was not able to tell you in detail about how you can reconnect with your old lost contacts. So in this article, we are going to cover that part with seven easy steps. So without further ado, let’s start the flow of knowledge.

Take The First Step:

This step is crucial when it comes to reconnecting with your old colleague or friend. It is also reasonable for most of your failed attempts to reconnect. But why is it that important? Because you are the one who has been neglecting the connection this whole time. So it is necessary if you take the first step here.

You have to find that inner space where you care about others and their stuff more than your own. Try to show that you are re-establishing this connection because you care about it, not just because it is convenient for you at this time or you want a favor. If it is like that, do not bother to waste your energy on this.

If you are in business for a long time, you might have heard this somewhere: In business, you achieve your own goals by helping others achieve theirs.

Use Social Media:

So, before sliding into their DM and inbox, first, you need to do some research on what that colleague is doing recently. (Just telling you so that we know that we are on the same page. We are not suggesting you stalk that person) Just go over their timeline or feeds once.

If you are in his connection list on Linkedin, then check the job description and current employer’s details. If you are not, then do not send the request or invite. We will discuss ‘why’ later.

On Facebook, look for new changes, hobbies, or travels that person did in the last few months. If you are not connected their either, send the request here. Don’t worry, he/ she won’t bite.

Do not go too deep. You are not an Interpol who needs to make a file on that person.

Past is Important:

Do you still remember how your relationship was with that person before you started breaking apart? It is all blurry and a few highlights, that’s all, right? It is hard to remember things crystal clear from the past.

Try to read your old emails or chats conversation before reconnecting. This practice might clear some blurred part of your memory. Look for details like interest, goals, or mutual friends. This research will help you find a bridge that can help you reach that person.

Also, try to find emails or chats that indicate the value of the relationship you are desperately trying to save. Something like a favor or help with some big task. If you find one, mark it as important, you might need that in the future.

Become Professor X:

There is another saying; if you want to catch a thief, you need to think like a thief. Well, I know we are not here to catch a thief but catching the relationship is important here, and for that, you need to think like the person you need to catch.

After all this research, let’s suppose you know your contacts now well. You know his/ her interest, recent travel, common friends, and other details. Now you need to think about how that person thinks of you?

Try to think of what type of question or sentence can trigger a conversation between you two. Like if he/ she got promoted or switched to a new company, then talking about work experience might give you a head start.

If something really good happened in the last few months, then that person is dying to tell anyone about that experience. Show that person that you really are interested in the story. Show this curiosity through your email or message.

Email Full of Relevant Questions:

If you have followed all the steps mentioned above, then you have so much information ready to draft an email. Try asking about the career and life in that email. Let me explain it to you with a dummy email.

Hi [First Name],
[One or two lines introduction of yours.]
I just got that news that [something good that you found about that person].
[Question about the incident mentioned above.]

[Your Full Name]

As I have mentioned in my previous articles that keep your emails short, and we are going to follow the same here. Things that you need to keep in check are:

  • Do not mention your current job here.
  • Do not mention your agenda of contacting again.
  • No contact information under the signature.
  • No URL or attached file.

Go Back to Step 3:

At step 3, I told you to mark important emails that you can use to start a conversation. It is time to put those emails at work. Forward that old emails with the new emails you just composed in step 5. This new part of the content will be the new cornerstone of your re-established relationship.

Remember, keep the subject line the same as it was. With this, that person will acknowledge you as a real business contact. Not just that, forwarding an old email will remind that person who you are.

If you follow both the 5th and 6th steps religiously, you surely will get a reply. The success rate of this method is 95-100% for me.

Control is Key to Success:

Just after a reply, do not go with full force and sales pitch over that person. Your first email was just a seed. Wait for a while, enjoy the conversation, know more about that person. This way, a plant of success will sprout from it.

The chances of that person asking you about yourself are nearly 99%. This is your cue where you go into brief about you. Give a little flow to that conversation, and then ask for what you want from that contact.

The whole process might take two to three days in minimum to execute successfully, but it is worthy. Try it, and don’t forget to tell us your experience in the comment box

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