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Upload Announcement API


Upload Announcement API through Sarv



Example Success Response

	"desc":"Announcement Uploaded Successfully",


Example Error Response

	"desc":"Invalid announcement type (mp3 allowed only)"

username* string a valid Sarv username
token* string a valid token
announcement_path* string a valid Announcement Path
* compulsory field
Return Value: Success
struct the results of Upload Announcement API
status string success
code string 000
desc array { "announcement_id":"1234", "announcement_name":"filename.mp3" }
Return Value: Error
struct the error results when Upload Announcement API
status string error
code string 007
desc string Invalid announcement type (mp3 allowed only)
Api Response Codes
000 Announcement Uploaded Successfully.
001 Parameter Missing .
002 Parameter is blank.
003 Request IP not added in whitelist .
004 Invalid user type.
005 Invalid Credentials.
006 User is InActive.
007 Invalid announcement type .