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Reserve Available Telephony Number

Info! This is Beta version, if you have any problem in using API, please mail us at [email protected]

Reserved New Telephonic Number through Sarv

Example Request JSON


Example Success Response

    "msg" : "success",
    "msg_text" : "Successfully Reserved for 7 Days";

Example Error Response

    "msg": "error",    
    "msg_text": "HUman Readable Message"

user_id* string a valid Sarv User Id
token* string a valid token
did_number* string a valid Telephonic Number
* compulsory field
Return Value: Success
struct the results of Reserving Telephonic Number
msg string success
msg_text string Successfully Reserved for 7 Days
Return Value: Error
struct the error results when attempt to Reserving Telephonic Number
msg string error
message string human readable message
Error types
ValidationError The parameters passed to the API call are invalid or not provided when required.
GeneralError An unexpected errors occurred processing the request. Sarv Developers will be notified.
AuthenticationError Provided owner_id and token was not matched.