Video Conferencing is Adapting For 2021

Video conferencing, a technology that has been here for a decade now but got popular in the Year-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named. Back in the time during 2005-2017, remote working grew 159%, and video conferencing was part of this change. At least 58% of businesses are using video conferencing as the solution for communication. So many schools have shifted to a 100% digital environment now. As we are adapting to the pandemic, video conferencing is also adapting to 2021.

User Experience is Always a Priority:

What makes an app better? That is UI and UX. How an app works and feels is one of the reasons users are downloading it. Video conferencing software has a lot of functionalities. It has dozens of options that we use during a video call frequently. Placing them at the right place is crucial so that a user can reach them with ease, independent of what platform or device you are on.

For example, you are in a video conference, and someone asks you to share a PPT with all. Now, if you have to dig 3-4 screens or pop-ups to share a simple thing as PPT, you will get frustrated every time someone asks you to share a PPT. Another can be a function that is not that useful in a conference, and it is a click away. So these kinds of complications will force a user to stop using that solution and move to others.

People get exhausted with meetings, and if someone has to invest more energy in operating an app than required, one won’t use it in the near future.

Can You Hear or See Me Properly?:

What is the purpose of video conferencing if you can not hear or the person in real-time? Sometimes it might be due to a bad internet connection, but sometimes it is the app that is not optimized well. There are several video conferencing apps that only work well when the internet connection is high. Then there are some which work smoothly with an average bandwidth connection. Sarv Wave is also one of these that save up to 65% of internet data compared to big names in the same industry.

The thing that makes it happen is the app and the image optimization it uses. Sooner or later, HD video conferencing will become the standard of a video conference. If not for the corporate world, the education industry needs high-quality video conferencing calls to teach students.

Add-Ons and Integration Tools:

Meetings are meant to be productive. Companies are spending a lot on these tools, and they want to perform as many things as possible without leaving the meeting tab or application. As a solution to that, video conferencing software started to integrate itself with different tools and addons. Some have notes, recording, screen share, noise-canceling, and many more services integrated. Some use external add-ons to achieve that.

These productivity tools and add-ons are here to help us make meetings more meaningful. Setting clear objectives and agendas can be another way to achieve productivity, but these tools help with tasks that we can not control. During a video meeting, file sharing, transcriptions, broadcasting, recording, or others are the services that have become essential, and these need to be right at our fingertips.

Privacy and Security Always Matters:

A company’s, organization’s, or people’s top priority in this digital world is privacy and security. No one would like to see crucial data getting leaked from their meetings or conferences. Law and Healthcare industries are also adapting to this change, and the protection of information shared during their conferences is essential. Encryption and bit-coding are some of those solutions that are being used to protect these data.

Many software are using end to end encryption to achieve that. Not only that, some are using native located servers to avoid data passing through foreign servers. Implementing video conferencing on the premises is another solution to this problem.

Gamification Keeps Your Entertained:

You might be thinking, what is gamification? So, Gamification is a practice of using game elements like points, rewards, badges, or emoticons in a non-gaming context. In other words, to make meetings entertaining or engaging, to be professional, gaming elements are key.

For example, it is Friday, and the HR department decided to conduct an activity based on the quiz. Gamification has the potential to make this activity more interesting by introducing badges and points in the game. Some video conferencing tools already have a polling option to take a collective decision. Raising hands is also a gamification element that helps with conducting a class or webinar.

Video Conferencing in 2021:

Due to 2020, video conferencing has become a necessity to conduct and run everything smoothly. It will continue to transform the world for a very long time. As remote working now a new normal, video conferencing is one of the huge focuses for an organization to keep things running as flat as pancakes. In the end, all you need to know is if you or your organization is changing with time or not.


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