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Turn Customer Base into Community To Help Your Business Grow More

Community, when built people do amazing things, and human evolution is a perfect example of this. We know we are in the COVID era, and making a community in the real world is a weird idea, but you can do this in the virtual world. No matter where your customer base is from, virtual communities enable a business to go beyond physical boundaries.

You have to learn how to create a following for your brand. This way, your customers will start visiting your website or page, more than once in a single day. They will start interacting with the brand as a person. Keep making progress here, and you might turn your business into a person. Make people fall in love with your brand because it is the right time to connect with them more than ever.

In this article, we will discuss all the tactics and methods you can use to implement this.

What Your Customer Wants:

Real wants and needs are the pillars on which most communities are standing tall. A simple mistake a business makes here is that it starts assuming these wants without any proof. Once you start listening to your customers, it will help them achieve their objectives with ease.

That means, your first step while building a community should be to ask what your customers desire. Why are they here? What is it that they are looking for in your brand? What are their expectations? Questions like these will guide you in making more out of your customer base.

Build a Community Hall:

Once you are ready with your questions, find a platform where you can ask these questions, and interact with your customers or clients. Instead of a physical one go with a virtual community hall. This place will not only connect you with your community, but it will also connect them with each other.

This connection will not only bring your customers together, but they will start sharing their ideas and vision with you here too. Sometimes they might help each other. In the digital world, this community hall is called ‘Forum’.

Here clients or customers can generate their queries, guide someone else with the same error, or give you feedback. This web of knowledge will help a business improve its products and services, and it will also resolve customer queries more quickly, resulting in a better customer experience.

Trust is Always The Key:

There is a dialogue in Superman: Man of Steel, “Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith first. The trust part comes later.” This same leap of faith your brand needs to take while building a community. A business should never say no to creating a two-way relationship with their customers or clients.

If we take a look at big businesses, we will see that they all have one thing in common and that is ‘Forums’. They all showed a little faith in their base and created a platform where they can connect, and that connection made these brands bigger every day. Customers rewarded this faith with their loyalty.

For small businesses, it looks like a risky move; but it can, if properly handled, can reduce the risk. If you miss a trend or some points, your community will help you get it right.

Not a Short Term Investment:

Community building is not for some short term goals. Its result will help you stay in the market for a very long time. To understand this better, look at Instagram’s journey. If we look at Instagram as an app, it already has so many competitors. But as a community of a photo-sharing app? No one is even close.

In the early days, “community first” was even in the company’s value statement; which has now been removed. The company also has automated chat-bots once it got acquired by Facebook. Still, the community base continues to grow and grow bigger

How is that so?

Because Instagram invested in their community for a very long and the current community growth is the result of that early and long investment. It might have been a risk at first for them, but they took it and managed it well.

A Personalized Community:

Giving your community a personal touch always gives you an upper hand while making a big community. Unless people are unable to find content relevant to their interests, they will never invest their faith in your brand.

Like, if you are a real estate brand, you should share knowledge about how one should invest, which area to choose, or how to choose a neighborhood? This knowledge sharing will encourage your customers to share their train of thought too.

You can make it more personalized by acknowledging their ideas and communicating with the one on one. Ask your customers what help they need from you. This transition of information will create a web of loyalty, faith, and trust that you have built by investing in your customers.


As we all know, good things take time. Turning your customers into a community is not going to happen overnight. It is like a tree. You need to plant the seed of faith and trust which, with time, will be nourished by thoughts, trust, love, and loyalty from your customer, and one day it will grow into a tree.

By being patient, you will see the evolution of a community, with which your business will thrive. Follow all these steps while aiding your community with digital customer experience solutions to boost the speed. These digital customer experience solutions can give your community advantages of flexibility.

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