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Click To Call: Why? What? and How?

Many times we have seen “Call Us!”, “Connect With Us!” buttons on some websites or applications. This button has been increasingly popular on websites and applications. Why? Because it is one of the easiest ways for a customer to connect with the company or its executives. This simple button removes the hassle of copy-pasting a number or email address or writing it down to make the connection with the business.


Click to Call works on VoIP technology, and it enables a business to redirect a call to the right department. All a customer really needs to do is click the button and fill in the required information to get a call. All this was a little about What is click-to-call, now let’s learn about the How and Why.


How Click-To-Call Works?

The work process is pretty simple to understand. Click-to-call initiates a two-way call, one goes to a customer executive, and another goes to the customer who requested the call. While requesting a call, a customer has to fill in a few details like its phone number and name. So let’s dive into this step by step.


Step 1: A customer visits your website or your application with a click-to-call button on it.


Step 2: The customer clicks the button and generates a request for the call.


Step 3: The website or application sends a call request to the Sarv Click to Call API.


Step 4: Sarv Click to Call API requests the website or application to take action after calling the customer.


Step 5: API dials customer’s mobile number. During the last three steps, the website or application will show “We are connecting you shortly.”


Step 6: Meanwhile, API makes a call to the customer service agent(s). Whoever picks first will get the details about the user and the page they requested a call from.


Step 7: The API now connects the customer executive and the customer over the call.


PS: A user does not have to download any application on the system or phone to receive calls using this service. When a customer service executive receives a call, he/ she can select from which number they want to initiate the call. If not, they can even feed a new number manually too.


How Beneficial Click-To-Call is?


Converting the web traffic is a big deal. Sometimes people get convinced by the content on your website, some visit your client or case study pages, or some want to interact directly with the business. Click-to-call gives the traffic a quick option to connect with a business and know about the information they are seeking. It can generate leads more passively for your business. After applying this on your website, you might start getting the leads you never know were missing.


Click To Call is Beneficial for Business Entities Like:


Local Services: For local services like barber shops, shopping marts, vegetable stores have to click to call on their website. This way, a customer can connect with the business right away and fix appointments or place an order.


Automotive Industry: We all have a vehicle in our house, and if anything goes wrong with it, we try to connect with the repair shops or company responsible. Click-to-call helps a customer in getting the service as quickly as possible.


Technology Industry: Not everyone is techy or geek who knows about every technology we use. If a phone or computer goes down, we seek a repair shop, and if the click to call button is there on their website, it makes it easy for a user to get an appointment quickly. No more standing in the queue or going shop to shop.


Travel Industry: Click-to-call is a lifesaver, especially for travel agents. A customer can get details of a trip plan, pre-book or book it in an instant. Sometimes callbacks need to be made to convert the potential customer.


So this was all about the What, How, and Why of click-to-call service. There are so many businesses that are already running this solution on their websites or applications. If you are willing to get your hands on it too, then you should not waste any time here. Learn about click to call first with this article, and see if it fits in your organization. Then you can make your approach to a well-established click to call service provider.

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