Supporting Customers Remotely? Follow Up Rules for Successful Customer Service

The recent outbreak of the COVID-19 has forced organizations to embrace telecommuting. This is no longer a privilege; it is essential. Although telecommuting culture has been there for some time, it is a new thing for many companies. In the absence of the right strategy, it can be difficult for organizations to create a teleworker in such a short time, especially in terms of support.

We know that supporting organizations is a priority for organizations. To help you and your team get the most out of telecommuting, we've put together things you should keep in mind when supporting your customers. All of this comes from our own experience in remotely managing our sales and support teams.

The focus must be on the ability to serve customers throughout their purchase and post-purchase journey. What they really expect is a personalized, timely, and rewarding experience across all communication channels. So it is imperative to ensure that you are available for them to support, despite the device or platform used to connect. Here are some of the few effective steps you can take to take your CX to the next level in weeks.

When supporting customers, there are a few points that need to be taken care of. A few of them are enlisted below:

1. Know Your Customer: Needless to say, knowing your customers is essential to understanding what works for them and what is the issue they are facing. The first step towards creating an excellent customer experience is to shape the buyer - to understand their pain points, preferences, needs, and expectations so that you can align the experience accordingly. This will help you analyze the overall issue of the customers.

2. Ensure Quicker and Better Resolution: An excellent customer experience ensures a smoother, faster, and better solution to these queries and problems. The cloud-based call center solution is the basis of the winning customer strategy. At the same time, an excellent customer support team is essential to effectively accelerate solutions.

3. Focus on Personalization: In addition to prioritizing speed, efficiency, and self-service, make personalization at the heart of your CX strategy. Treat all customers and their problems as unique and offer customized solutions, not a one-size-fits-all approach. Train support representatives to pay attention to the details of each request and resolve them accordingly.

4. Enable Self-Service for Customers: Allowing customers self-service can put things in automatic mode and make them happier. Consider having an IVR system so that callers can resolve their issues or direct them to the right agent or department immediately. Useful resources and FAQs on your website can also do the trick while having forums is a great idea.

5. Enhance Call Center Efficiency: Achieving a true competitive advantage is about improving call center performance. Use features such as IVR, caller segmentation, and call forwarding data, and focus on performance metrics. Invest in a cross-channel platform that provides agents with a comprehensive view of all customer communication and improves their productivity.

Instead of trying to create just one team to manage your organization's customer experience, focus on developing a customer-centric culture throughout the company. Let all employees become customer experts - whether they are in direct contact with customers or not, the only motive should be their comprehensive service!

Investing in improving your customer experience can bring incredible results to your brand. So take these steps and steer your customer in the right direction to grow your business!

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