How Gratitude Will Make You a Better Coworker (and Person)

“Thank You.”


These two words can bring magic to your life. Adopting gratitude in your life will not make you a better person but can also help you in catching better results in your work.


Now if you’re a workaholic and dedicated towards your work, I know there will two questions that will pass through your mind.

  • Why should I thank anyone for doing her/his job?

  • Why should I thank my co-worker for doing what she/he is paid to do?


Yes! There is nothing wrong in thinking like this, but imagine yourself in a situation where you have helped someone and you got a thanks and appreciation from him or her.


When second time if he or she will again ask for help you wouldn’t deny doing. But what if the person will show no gratitude for your help?


Simple you won’t give a damn shit when he will need you the next time. That is what happens when you don’t get appreciation from others.


So, adding gratitude not only improve relationships, but can also maintain a positive environment and hence can improve your work and networking. Here are some benefits of Gratitude formula:


1. Make You Happier

Gratitude can make you a better and happier person. Thanking people make your mind relax. It makes people smile and ultimately you to smile.

2. Make People Like Us

If you appreciate people for their work and efforts, they will like you and ready to help you in future.

3. Make You Healthier

Yes! Showing gratitude can help you become a healthier person as it:

  • Can give you a good sleep and

  • Will increase your energy level.

4. Boost Your Career

Being thankful can help you in presenting yourself as a better person in front of people. It can help you in growing your network filled with positive and encouraging people, which can ultimately give you a kickstart to your career.

5. Give Strength To Your Emotions

Some people think that thanking and bowing before people will make you appear as a weak person but trust me it’s not.


I believe gratitude can make you emotionally stronger.

  • It can give you social support.

  • It can make you feel happy.

  • It can give you soothing memories.

  • It can help you in getting relaxed.

  • It can reduce the feeling of envy.

6. Develop Your Personality

Thanking people can also make a recognizable change in your personality as:

  • It can make you a better manager.

  • It can make you a better decision maker.

  • It can add stars to your charming personality.


So, these were some of the important reasons that why you should start being grateful to others and how helpful it can be for no one else but you only.


Now you must be thinking that yes, I want to adopt this habit but confused that how? How I’ll change myself overnight?


Don’t worry! Here are some tricky ideas for you that you can start using from today to present yourself in a better way to people.


Start Complimenting

If you think that what a Thank You can do as it’s so formal. Trust me! This word has such power that can change your day, your life, and your personality.


Appreciate people for their work and make them realize that how much helpful and worthful they are. Go to your co-worker’s desk say Thanks and appreciate her/his support.


“John Thank you so much for helping me yesterday in completing my meeting presentation. I really appreciate the way you jumped in and gave your extra time to be sure it’s perfect.”


That’s all!


Sometimes it might be so formal and normal for you, but it’s something that people want to hear from you.

Speak Up In Gatherings

Never search for a perfect chance. Whether it’s a team meeting, office party, or roundtable conference go ahead and speak up. Face to face appreciation is essential, but sometimes it’s necessary to count the good qualities of a person in public.


Speaking up in public doesn’t mean that it should be flashy and huge. But it can be normal as: “The project was successful, Thanks to Joe for being so active in carrying the project so actively.”


The public recognition can boost the performance your co-workers as it will make them feel extra special and valuable for the company.

Convey To Boss

One different way to say thanks and make your co-workers feel special is to convey their appreciation to the higher authorities. It could be the best way to appreciate people by sending a mail to your boss mentioning the helpful behavior of your co-worker.


It will not only encourage your colleagues, but will motivate them to think positively and build a good relationship with you.

Throw A Treat

It seems quite silly, but it can really help you if you’re not so good with words. If you feel hesitant in speaking up and appreciating people, then better you show this with your actions.


Bringing donuts and cupcakes is not a big deal, but it can give a break tour co-workers and make them think about you for five minutes. Ultimately, It will help you in creating a better and positive environment.


So, making some small changes in your daily habit can change your complete personal and professional life. It can help you in making you a better person and creating your own positive identity among people.


It’s not that easy to suddenly make changes and become a different person all of a sudden, but adopting few things in your daily life can help you with that.

  • Start your day with a healthy exercise, “Say Thank You.”

  • Give importance to your breakfast.

  • Acknowledge the people you meet.

  • Belittle kind and helpful.

  • Chat with a less known or unknown person.

  • Change your perspective.

  • Stay in touch with people.

  • Organize your time and life.

  • Don’t forget to appreciate people.

  • Work on yourself every day.

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