Different B2B sales trends to adapt in 2021

It is impossible to talk about 2021 without acknowledging the transformation of 2020. We have gone through so much in 2020. Companies faced many challenges in a number of ways but out of all these challenges, they found new ways of doing things. Turns out they're doing pretty well.

Disruptions caused by the pandemic have inspired sales teams to take new opportunities to do their jobs in a very different way. In this blog post, we will look at some of the different ways that the sales team trends have adopted to achieve the targets.


1. Personalization Will Be A Necessity


Although personalization is not a new trend, in 2020 it took on a whole new meaning. Yes, and we are definitely one among them who has personalized many things. Personalization was no longer just an adaptation. In the midst of a pandemic, it also had to include empathy, goodness, and confidence. If this becomes the norm, in 2021, customers will expect more empathy and understanding from their sales teams about their needs.


To achieve this, companies need to collect, secure, and analyze more customer data to tailor the experience to their preferences.


Enterprise tools, such as good CRM software, can help you maintain a central repository of customer data over time. Integrating CRM with a cloud service solution can ensure that this data is used efficiently. This is also useful during a personalized advertising campaign or simply to quickly find out the relevant details during a customer call.


2. Customer Success Will Be Supreme


The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, compared to 5-20% for a new acquisition. Adding to this the cost of acquiring a new customer can be a hugely thought-out strategy to ensure that existing customers are not just satisfied but happy.


This can happen in many ways: personalization, loyalty programs, special attention, VIP access, and so on. Imagine a telephony solution that integrates with your CRM, automatically providing essential service to customers with a higher lifetime value. Creating such innovative ways to ensure customer success in 2021 will be a game-changer.


3. Sales Will Go Remote


Not only an IT or an education field, but even sales teams typically have been able to transition smoothly to telecommuting. Even if the pandemic is over, this setting would be too good to bypass.


To ensure that the sales teams can do telecommuting well, organizations are investing in advanced cloud solutions. With a good cloud phone solution, remote groups can easily call without losing the security, privacy, and voice recording available to contact center teams.


4. Automation To Ease The Workload


83% of customers want to communicate with someone as soon as they contact the company. This was difficult to achieve with minimal staff and most year-end closures. Intelligent automation was the next best thing:


  • Virtual chat robots that visit callers and shorten call queues
  • Automatic user segmentation for sales lead prioritization
  • Automatically assign callers to the most appropriate agent
  • Automatic dialers that initiate calls through the cloud service

Intelligent automation has made customers' lives easier. This left workers free to deal with more complex issues, while machines handled simple queries or data collection for agents. We will definitely see more of this in the upcoming months of 2021.


5. Analytics Will Empower Sales


A salesperson who makes hundreds of calls every month hardly remembers every customer's preference. Technology helps fill this gap.


  • Voice recordings to train new vendors, handle escalation and maintain quality standards.
  • Analysis of telephone conversations to strengthen customer profiles and preferences.
  • Identifying sales performance trends to improve advertising effectiveness.
  • Artificial Intelligence-enabled phone systems ensure that your contact center teams have everything they need when they call a customer, improving productivity.
  • In fact, intelligent analytics can also prevent common errors and mistakes by agents.

Summing Up


If there is one thing that links all of the above sales trends, it is that the adoption of digital technology that can improve sales and customer service. In 2021, free your sales teams from rigid systems. Consider Sarv.com's cloud service to make secure calls over the Internet while also using advanced features, analytics, and more. Talk to us today to take the first step.


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