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Bulk SMS Service in Ahmedabad

Bulk SMS Service Provider in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad the largest city of the Gujrat state. This city is the most important industrial and economic hub of the state.  The beauty of this city is Sabarmati river which runs from the center of this city.

In this big and fast growing city, people have no time to communicate more. And for business communicating with their clients is required for their businesses. Bulk SMS Service which has the 98% open rate according to the research, helps the businesses to engage their clients with their businesses.

Using Bulk SMS applications for the businesses in Ahmedabad give the consistent growth to the businesses.

Why should Bulk messaging service used in Ahmedabad?

In Ahmedabad, the life of the people is very busy and in this busy schedule, everyone has its mobile phone, so for engaging customers the best way to send them short messages about your offers.

In Ahmedabad, every type of business has competition, so for competition with those businesses the advanced marketing tools are required. Bulk SMS Service is also counted as the perfect marketing tool, so this tool.

Types of bulk SMS:

Promotional Bulk SMS- The promotional bulk SMS is used for sending the SMS for promoting your business services and products and sending new offers which you are giving on your products. So, In Ahmedabad promoting your services use these type of bulk SMS Service in Ahmedabad and make your business a brand.

Features of Promotional Bulk SMS-
  • DND Number automatically removed.
  • Duration of sending promotional messages 9 AM to 9 PM.
Transactional Bulk SMS- Transactional bulk SMS is used for sending the information, kind of alerts and updates. So these transactional bulk SMS service is used by the governmental institutions and non-profitable institutions. So if you want to give your customers some information regarding their account so use this type of bulk SMS.

Features of Transactional Bulk SMS-
  • Send messages also on DND numbers
  • Duration of sending transactional messages 24 hours.

Advantages of using Bulk messaging service-
  • Instant delivery with the instant delivery report.
  • Highly targeted audience
  • Send the messages all the customers within a single click
  • Catagories the customer list according to their need.
  • The response rate of the bulk SMS is very high.
  • Pricing of the bulk SMS packages which are provided by the bulk SMS service providers also moderate.
  • Low investment with the high return, is the biggest advantage of the bulk SMS service.
Using bulk SMS service in Ahmedabad is beneficial in all ways. So get this marketing tool now for your business and increase your business revenue now.
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