Bulk SMS Marketing Statistics 2021

SMS looks old fashion, but they are still gold when it comes to connecting with customers. Many businesses are afraid to send SMS or Bulk SMS to their customers because they think they might be invading customers’ privacy. So are we invading their privacy?

No, we are not.

A customer is always the one who allows a business to send SMS to them. First, a customer needs to opt-in for receiving text messages from a business. These SMS can be sent in bulk to thousands of customers at once. As a customer opt-in for receiving SMS, business is allowed ‘legally’ to send SMS.

I know we all are living in the digital world, and SMS is kind of old in the age of emails, but in terms of statistics, SMS has its place. SMS is equal to emails, and in some cases, left email behind.

So, in this article, we are going to tell you about new SMS statistics. This article will help you if you are new to adapting Bulk SMS service or thinking of continuing the service for another period.

Let’s start with some basic statistics if you are new here.


Basis Statistics of SMS Marketing


According to Ericsson, there were 7.9 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide in the year 2019.

This is nearly equal to the earth’s population. That means we can say, every single human on earth has a mobile, and with SMS, you can reach them.


In a single day, 23 billion text messages are sent.

That means 2.7 lac messages per second. Now, what if you send thousands of messages in a minute to potential customers of yours? Your contribution is like taking out a glass of water from the ocean.

A good bulk SMS service allows you to send thousands of messages in an instant. Also, you can automate these SMS based on users’ activities on your platform.

So while you were reading this sentence, 1 million SMS messages were sent.


The open rate of SMS is nearly 5 times of email.

Have you ever received an email notification and an SMS notification about the same thing? Well, they do it because they know about the difference in the open rate of both. Where the open rate of emails is only 20%, the open rate of SMS is at a whopping 98%.

It is the reason why businesses send you notifications on both mediums.


The spam rate is 5 times less than the emails.

On average, 10% of SMS gets dumped into the spam folder. On the other hand, the spam rate of emails is 50%. That means if you are not using a white label email service, most of your emails will end up in the spam folder. As this rate is so less for SMS, one can sit and relax while sending thousands of SMS to its customer base.


Normally, a person takes 90 seconds to reply to a text but takes 90 minutes to reply to an email.

If you are notifying your users about time-bound events or offers, SMS is the best way to do it. SMS makes sure that you get the right attention at the right time.


SMS campaigns work 7 times better in comparison to email campaigns.

If you are thinking of choosing one only for your business, then that would be a bad choice. You need both to automate and make your customer services better. A better provider of email service and bulk SMS service gives you an edge over your competitors.


The Future of SMS Marketing


By the year 2025, 6 billion people all over the world will be able to send and receive SMS.

In the near future, 5.9 billion people will be able to access SMS technology. That means SMS is not slowing down real soon. If you are planning to stay in touch with Bulk SMS service, you can.


By the year 2025, 61% of the world’s population will be able to access mobile internet.

As mobile marketing is going to cover a very big portion of the industry, access to mobile internet will be a great thing.


Market leaders are planning to use SMS marketing more by 20%.

According to Rebrandly, 1 out of 5 market leaders is planning to boost their marketing effort using Bulk SMS services. Marketers know the power and leverage SMS marketing holds, and they want to use it for good.


75% of customers stay after opting in for SMS.

After opting in for receiving SMS from businesses, 75% of customers say it is ok, and it doesn’t bother them. It can be because of two reasons:

  1. As it is a permission-based service, a user will only receive SMS only when they opt for it.
  2. Because of the character limit, SMS highlights the information effectively.

6 out of 10 consumers think positively of brands with SMS services.

60% of consumers think brand with SMS service enabled response to customer problems quickly and connect with customers efficiently, leaving a positive image behind.


You are missing 70% of your customers.

Only 3 out of 10 consumers receive text messages from their favorite brands even after opting out for it. That means if you are not using Bulk SMS service, you are missing 100% of them.

These are the stats that you should keep in mind while opting out for bulk SMS services. Just make sure of one thing that you are opting for the service from a really good service provider.

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