10 Smart Tools That Will Make You More Productive and Happy at Your Workplace

Everyone is looking for ways to be more productive so that they can complete their tasks on time and still have a couple of moments left to give an echoing impression at the workplace.


But as easy as it sounds, it is equally difficult to accomplish all work critical tasks and maintain complete focus at all times. Time management is an important factor that can be alone responsible for driving the growth in a person.


This is the reason why we must come to technological tools that help us stay focused and bring out the best of us at the work.


So, here are 10 amazing tools that will make you more productive and happy at your workplace:

1. Google Docs


One of the most productive tools of all times that is also one of the people’s favourite is the Google Docs. It is a life savior as well as a tool that keeps trouble at bay for an employee.


Working as a feature of the Google Drive, the docs maintain all your word records just like MS Word in Microsoft except that you’re allowed real-time collaboration as well. The best part is that the information gets stored in the cloud and gets refreshed every few seconds, which makes sure that no important data is lost.


So, even if there are power troubles or your hard disk gets crashed and you have to report immediately to your boss, you have Google Docs to your rescue. All you need to do is log into your Gmail account and you’re done!

2. Unroll.me


Another one of the creative tools that can help you stay more happy and productive at the workplace is ‘Unroll.me’.


It’s a tool for all those who are often troubled by unnecessary newsletters and overwhelmed by the clutter in their inboxes. Unroll.me is a free service that stops the madness of these newsletters and keeps your inbox decluttered.

3. Freedom  


If you often get distracted by newsletters and other promotional emails in your inbox at your workplace, then ‘Freedom’ is a solution for you. All you need to do is to create a blacklist of all the sites that distract you from your work and try to steal your attention.


By using Freedom as a tool, you can either start a session right away, plan one for later or simply create recurring sessions to create work blocks for example. These sessions can help you stay focused at your work and happy with your performance.

4. Asana


Asana is a tool that is not only beneficial for you but also for increasing the productivity of your team. It helps everyone stay on-task and organized.


Asana is a tool that will keep all your office projects and tasks in one spot and assign various users different jobs. It is a great tool that keeps the team focused and together at a workplace.

5. Grammarly


Having great language skills help you achieve a great impression in front of your boss at the office. Grammar, that forms an important part of the language is essential in conveying a message or drafting an important report at the workplace.


Even when writing emails, incorrect use of words or bad grammar can leave a bad impression on the readers. Grammarly is an excellent tool that can help you stay away from these problems and work smartly.


It also has an extension for your browser and immediately suggests any typos, grammar mistakes or incorrect word usage. It also suggests better words that can be used while writing.


6. Gorgias


If you have to send too many emails as part of your job, then the tool ‘Gorgias’ is a perfect solution for you. It saves a lot of your time and helps you be more productive at your workplace.


Gorgias allows you to create shortcuts to easily insert the same paragraph in different emails. You can also create templates as per your needs to quicken your routine tasks and perform faster.

7. Google Analytics


Again, this tool forms the basics that will help you stay more productive and perform much better at the workfront. It is a mandatory online digital tool that provides ultra-valuable insight about your website’s performance, traffic, referrals, and conversions.


Google analytics helps you monitor and maintain your website to ensure it is internet-optimized and Google-friendly because it is one of the basic necessities of present times.


Just like the Google analytics, Google webmaster tools also keep you aware about the insights of your website along with other necessary information.

8. Break Timer

Break Timer

Break Timer is the most creative tools since it boosts the productivity in you. Research in science suggests that taking breaks is equally important in keeping you stay focused and perform better. But while you work hard, you may forget to take breaks, which might hamper your ultimate productivity.


Since, it is important to take a break every 50 to 90 minutes to stay focused on your work, ‘Break Timer’ helps you by reminding this fact. You can easily add its extension to your browser.


9. IFTTT  


IFTTT stands for ‘If This, Then That’ and helps you create different combinations of work integrations without having to worry about the knowledge of any programming language. It allows various apps and services to connect and work together.


Consider, for example, I want to create a backup of all photos that I post on Facebook to my Google account, I can do it easily with IFTTT. It can create awesome integrations between various apps and services to connect and work together.


It can also send you notifications such as ‘it’s going to rain in the evening’, so that you know how to prepare for the situation if you’re traveling.

10. Rescue Time


It is quite essential to monitor the time utilized on various activities when you’re working so that you get an actual picture of the tasks that you can accomplish in one day.


Rescue Time is an impeccable tool that will tell you where you’re spending your time, but also what hours are your least/most productive, along with your best and worst days of the week and even month.


It is important to monitor one’s activities at the workplace and take appropriate breaks to stay productive at work.


These tools are the essentials of any employees everyday routine that will help them stay happy and reduce the burden of many complicated tasks for them.

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