A Long Code number is 10 digit virtual mobile number used to send or receive voice calls and SMS from all over the world. Long codes are intended for P2P communication, means when a person communicates with another person. These are strictly designed by phone carriers for two way communication. It is globally accessible, cost- effective, all in one (Voice and SMS) marketing solution.This wireless subscribers method helps you to interact more with people, businesses and organizations.

 Long Code Voice Call Solution,  Long Code SMS Solution

How does Long Code work?

Before sending any message or voice call, it is processed to an application. We have specialization in software development and hosting for long code applications. Our advance hardcore technical expertise provides the best methods and techniques for maximizing engagement and pushing to the limits. We understand the customer’s requirement thus we come up with all in one solution package (Call and SMS). One virtual number which serves all the business needs-

Get Enterprise level Long Code solution which includes the following

  • Sarv offers you the flexibility to convert your own mobile or landline number into Long Code number
  • Our Long code numbers are easy to remember
  • Our high tech network has the capacity to deliver 500 TPS per number
  • We offer all types of APIs like JASON, HTTP etc. Choose the API according to your business requirement.
  • We aim at simplifying your experience with the use of shared and dedicated options which enables two way communication.
  • You can try dedicated and shared option with unlimited keywords.
Long Code solution

Long Code Key consideration

Long Code Key consideration
  • Can send voice call and SMS from the same number.
  • Easy to launch and set up
  • Worldwide Reach
  • Cost effective in comparison to short codes
  • Time savvy
  • Globally accessible
  • Easy maintenance and deployment

Some more facts


Inbound to Outbound SMS traffic ratio cannot exceed 1:3 ratio


Up-to 500 message per second and 1000 concrete calls per number

Usage Cases

Person to person, two way communication

Experience the ease of Long Codes with Sarv

Lead Generation

Lead Generation
Long code helps to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaign based on response received

Integration with Web Application

Integration with Web Application
Integrating the long codes with web based application will help you to receive quick responses from people.

Create auto-responses

Create auto-responses
Long codes help you to create auto responses. Create pre-formatted set of questions and save them.

Online Surveys

Online Surveys
It also helps you to get feedback from online survey with real-time results. Get instant replies from the people on the dedicated number.

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