Automate & Segmentation

Send Highly Targeted Email Campaigns

Develop 1:1 Relationships with Your Customers

Keep your customers engaged and drive revenue

Automate & Segmentation

Don’t have much time to interact with each and every subscriber? As a business owner, you of course have some other important tasks to do & managing all task manually can be a hassle.

Sarv has a simple and powerful email automation tool that helps you send timely and targeted messages to your audience.

Advanced automation helps you to set up a sequence of emails based on a user activity like welcome email series, new product or service launch, reminders, birthday/anniversary emails, re-engagement series, and download a guide. Automation will help you to be a superhero.

How Does Automation Work?

  • 1
    A Visitor Signup
    on Account
    Signup on Account
  • 2
    Send a series of relvant
    and valuable emails timely
    valueable email stimely
  • 3
    He became your
    loyal Customer
    He became your loyal Customer
  • 4
    A happy Customer
    is your best promoter

Automation will help you to engage with your customers with the right content at the right time.

Drag n drop editor made the automation easier than ever before. Now you can create email sequences on your own. You don’t need to hire anyone to design your email campaign using drag-n-drop editor.

Smart Segmentation to Make Your Email More Natural

Send the right content to the right people at the right time

Your every subscriber is important and it’s your job to make them feel that way. You need to understand that your contact lists have different kind of people, with different behaviours, interests and priorities.

Segment your list to send them the relevant content and it’ll help you to have more engaged subscribers and more conversions.

Subscribers are the center of our email marketing. So, we provide you a smart segmentation for more effective marketing. Our smart segmentation allows you to understand your subscribers by sending them highly relevant content.

Subscriber management


  • Subscriber management

    Subscriber management

  • View and track information

    Unified Custom Fields

  • View and track information

    View and track information

  • Manage multiple lists

    Manage multiple lists

  • Sign up web forms

    Sign up web forms

  • Action on Duplicate Contacts

    Action on Duplicate Contacts

Smart Segmentation to Make Your Email More Natural
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