5 Straight-forward Tips to Write Fetching Cold Emails That Get Opened and Replied

The internet is infested with tips to do anything. From applying to a job to finding your life partner, there is free advice for almost anything. But, when it comes to the tricky part of selling something, especially through an email, the resources dry up.


Of course, you'll get approximately 3,28,00,000 search results on tips to write cold emails. Do all of the cold email tips work? Well, there lies the problem.


Cold mailing is a new medium. Not everyone is a master of it. However, with the right set of skills and tools, you can become a master too.


Today's post is going to help you with that. I want to share with a set of tested and proven cold mailing tips that will take you closer to closing deals. No fluff, just the crux. Let's get started.

1. Make a bold entry

In theatre or in real life and also in cold mailing, making a bold entry makes a great first time impression. But, how does on make a good impression when you don't meet your prospect in person?


The email subject line is your ally here. It can grab the user attention by the collars, persuade them to open the mail and glance through it.


Usually, when your prospects see your mail, their first reaction would be like, “Who the hell are you?”. Your subject line should help get past that initial shadow of doubt.


Keep these pointers in mind while writing the subject line:

  • Stick to short subject lines
  • Use a tone that best suits your audience
  • Ask a question
  • Make an offer
  • Arouse curiosity
You may not be able to apply all these pointers while writing a subject line. The key is to write multiple subject lines, test them and pick the best one that gets maximum open rates.

2. Next, introduce yourself

Until you introduce yourself formally, you remain a stranger to your prospect. Nobody does business with strangers until trust is created.


To build trust, or rather to earn their trust, introduce yourself. Spell your name, brief your background or the company from where you are sending the mail.


If you want your prospects to reply to your mails, you want them to know you better. This is critical if you are going after high roller clients with deep pockets.


An ideal way to introduce yourself would be to mention your first name, your designation, your company name.


To take the conversation further, you need some meat in your mail body, which brings us to the next point.

3. Brief the purpose of the mail

Once you have made the prospect open the mail, comes the challenge of making them read through it. Your mail body must give them some takeaway that they can think about or take an action on.


In fact, writing the body of the mail is the most important part of cold emailing. Its purpose is to pitch something - a product or service to the prospect.


It also sounds up as the means through which you showcase your offerings and how it can serve the needs of the prospect.


If it is not for a sales pitch, the body of the text can be used for follow up, a request for upgrade or even a referral to a new prospect. Irrespective of what purpose it is for, ensure that it follow the below mentioned tenets:

  • The language is business casual
  • Grammatically correct sentences
  • No typos, whatsoever
  • Right use of cases for people and brand names
  • Proper use of punctuation
  • Consistent message that drives action

4. Make them do it

What action should the prospect take after reading your mail? Should they reply? Or, should they give an appointment? Still better, they agree to take a product demo.


Whatever the cause that your mail is for, you need a hook to make the prospect do it. And it comes towards the end of the email when you are done with the talking.


Your mail should conclude with a request or in marketing terminology - a call-to-action. The call-to-action should make the prospect perform an action.


In most cases, it is requesting them to write back showing some interest for a demo or a conference call. If that's the case, then ask for an appointment at a specific time and date. Mentioning the call would take take long and can be wrapped up quickly will help in making the prospect respond in the affirmative.

5. Tie up the loose ends

If your mail has managed to get opened and read until the end, kudos. It forms part of the elite class of successful email marketing campaigns. Now there are few endnotes or loose ends that need to be ties up to complete the loop.


For instance, I'd you are asking for a calendar appointment, how are you going to manage it? What tool do you want the client to use or is there a tool (like Calendly) that you want them to use? In either case, ensure that you are able to see through the appointment arrangement until the end.


If it is going to a telecon, specify which application (like Skype, Google Meet, etc.) is to be used. This would avoid last minute confusion. If these loose ends are not tied up, there is a fat chance that the lead night be lost.


Most marketers follow a trial and error method that gives sporadic hits and misses.


You can make cold mail work for you.


You can get your mails land in the prospects inbox instead of the spam folder.


You can get replies to your mails instead of getting thrashed to the bin finder.


The tips that I have outlines above should help you do all of that.


Before I wrap up, don't forget to continuously test your mailing strategy. There is no permanent strategy which works perfectly always. The secret to acing cold mailing, as in life too, is to keep learning and improving on a regular basis.


Happy cold mailing!

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