What Content Should You Share on Social Media?

Have you ever thought that what should you share on Social Media? Or what is that extra pinch which gives a post extra likes, share, retweet, click and engage?


If you’re still jumbled in these questions, I’m here to help you. If you'll not come up to serve and entertain your customers, no doubt your competitors will!


So, it’s better to keep on holding your customers with your posts and content. But, now the main matter arises that what to share. How to keep your customers engaged with you.


For this, I would like to explain my answer with an example. I hope almost all of you have been to some restaurant where you’ll be given two options, either to take a buffet coupon or to have a traditional dish. You must have noticed that most of the people opt for buffet coupon.


Why? Is it because it's cheaper?


It's proved that the traditional dishes are cheaper yet people run behind the buffet, this because of the human tendencies and nature of carving for varieties. You can have dumplings, salad, noodles and a  lot more just in one coupon rather than tasting the only dish.


This is how you can go and this where you to punch- “The Carving Nature Human For Varieties.”


Serve them varieties and see how they'll shower their attention towards you. Here are points which will help you in understanding what actually you should serve to your customers on Social Media and keep on holding them.


1. UGC-User Generated Content


It is the most attracting, beneficial and apparent way I feel personally to follow when you’re confused about your content sharing strategy for social media. In UGC, technically your users only will be creating content for you and all you have to do is to track, collect, publish, and refer.


There are 3 reasons why it is worth of using this technique.

  • You’ll present your customers as superheroes and that is how it should be.

  • Variety will always remain there in your posts.

  • You’ll build trust of your followers by making them feel loved and important.


Nowadays mouth-to-mouth marketing has taken a different form through social media. When you go for UGC, you’ll encourage other followers to post something that belongs to your product in greed of getting their post selected as your new post. Moreover, when you share someone’s post he goes and advertises it among his friends, which is an indirect advertisement for your product only.


Companies like Starbucks, GoPro, Buffer are following this trend heavily on Instagram and Twitter.



2. Infographics


It is 25% more comprehensible to Add pictures into your text.


Everyone loves reading something which is visualizing form. They are both attractive and informative at the same time. If you’re planning to kick-start infographics on your social media and have no idea from where to start the scratch. Then, there are few websites from where you can get help:


CanvaVenngage, and Piktochart


You can even go for ready-made infographics. The quality will be high and informative which can help you in engaging your followers. Infographics are there for a long back yet it appears rare, which means it is a fantastic way to grab the attention of your customers.

See how Buffer shared a beautiful infographic on Facebook which got some praise from users:



3. Podcasts


It is said to be the new radio because of their popularity. While creating a podcast it should be made as such so that it can attract more and more listeners.


If you’re thinking of opting Podcasts as one of your Social Media sharing content, then, it’s very necessary for you to get aware that in social sites like Facebook or Twitter you can’t share the audio directly.


You have to either:

  • Share the link to your podcast.

  • Put a static picture and attach the audio with it and upload it as a video.


I would prefer the 2nd option more as this will help your customers listen to your videos directly and no need for them to visit an external page.


But it is something which lacks visualization. So, you to be very careful while creating it. It should be informative and based on your customer's interest. It is not always required to do marketing and promotion on social media. Sometimes, you can grab people by providing them some knowledge that they are seeking for.

See how Social Media Examiner does a great job:



4. Livestream


Believe it or not, but you can really increase your lead generation through Facebook Livestream. You can easily promote your Live Stream content within the stream.


All you have to do is to share a link asking about their details and can request viewers to click on this link to access the video you’re displaying on the screen.


This is just a single way to use Facebook live for lead generation. You can e also go for Instagram live. Try to promote your product while you’re live along with the informative session. Be sure that you have uploaded footage for those who couldn’t attend it live.


So, it doesn’t matter whether it is Facebook or Instagram or YouTube don’t wait just shoot yourself and present your brand live.

See this example below, Martha Stewart hosts a tutorial video:



5. Words of Your Clients


Sharing the best words of your clients about you. It will give other people a reason to why they should go for you above your competitors. Always sharing self-promotion stuff on your social media will make your followers bored up. But what if this promotion will be done not by you, but someone who is actually using it!


You can add a video of them or can even a hire a professional videographer who can help you with this. Start presenting these videos in an attractive way and start building the trust of your customers.

customer review


6. Positive Quotes


When you read a positive quote it doesn’t only gives you positivity, but can also get stuck in your mind for days or weeks. As marketers, you should keep your social media updated with some good positive words along with your branding.





The content you should share on social media can never be summarised as it totally depends on your viewer's interest. There are things like Webinars, VR Content, E-Book, Guide and a lot more which you can consider.


But first, test and analyze your viewer's choice. If they depend on something unique don’t fear to stand out.

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