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Sarv is an easy to use and reliable platform for EFFECTIVE VIRTUAL ELECTION RALLY

Why Do We Need Virtual Rallies?

With the passing years, everything is changing drastically and the scenario of election rallies is no exception. Elections are no more just about roadshows, but now the public demands much more than that. Many political parties are already taking advantage of technology and cloud communications to broadcast their election slogans to their audience. 

Gone are the days of political rallies and sloganeering through speakers- leverage the power of cloud communication and let your election rallies reach a mass audience. 

Sarv’s powerful tools allow organizations to easily manage election rallies of all sizes. Our easy-to-understand interface works as an excellent tool for Opinion Polls, Political Consulting, Video Conferencing, Surveys, and Campaign Management. 

How Can Sarv Benefit You In Conducting Successful Virtual Rallies?

Here is a curated list of Sarv’s features that can benefit Virtual Rallies:

Security Guaranteed- Conduct your virtual rallies without worrying about the security of data or audiences. It’s 100% secure with data stored at Indian Servers.

Best Video Quality- You’ll never have to worry about the video quality even at the slow internet speed. 

Scalability- The solution is best fitted for big or small audiences. Conduct your Virtual Meetings or Rallies without much hassle. 

Up and Above- Our solution has 99.9% of uptime to keep you connected.

Real-Time Monitoring-  Control and analyze your rallies with our real-time powerful dashboard. 

When you choose Sarv, you get the following advantages in return:

  • Addressing Voters Concern Through Digital Channels
  • Real-time Analytics 
  • Cost-effective Virtual Rallies
  • Data Stored at 100% Secure Indian Servers
  • Drag and Drop Dashboard
  • Reliable System

Sarv’s Powerful Services Used For Virtual Rallies

Our tools are best suited for election management with modern metrics that help you measure voter mood and analyze it to get success in election polls. 

Bulk SMS Service

SMS has the highest open of about 98%. So why not use the power of BULK SMS to send thousands of text messages to your large audience? Minimize your advertisement cost and promote your message to a large audience successfully. 

Voice Broadcast

Gear up your election rallies with our voice broadcasting solution. Engage with your audience with multi-level IVR, missed call service, etc. Expand your rally reach by broadcasting your voice messages to your party members and supporters. Run voice broadcasting campaigns to strengthen your bond with the audience and analyze campaigns with our real-time analytics.  

Video Conferencing 

Many political parties are already taking advantage of video conferencing to organize virtual meetings, virtual events, and virtual rallies. Address your large audience easily with Sarv’s trustworthy network solutions. 

Our secure Sarv Wave Video Conferencing Solution can be a great help for organizations. It is one of the leading Video Conferencing services available in India. With its Made in India video conferencing solution, Sarv was also the FIRST RUNNER UP in the MeitY- a competition organized by the Indian government. 

Cloud Call Center

With advanced features like IVR, Real-time notifications, Missed call campaigns, real-time analytics, and scalability- you can easily manage your virtual election rallies. IVR lets you customize your messages for different audiences. Use local caller-ID to connect with audiences of the same geographical area. 

Audio Conferencing 

Conduct your virtual rallies at ease and connect with your large audience without any break with our efficient Audio Conferencing Tool. Let your audience know how your governance can benefit them in the long run. 

Use our services to build trust amongst your voters and let your political rallies reach a large audience!!

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