Autoresponders: Triggered Emails Can Trigger The Growth

When you work with emails, it is hard to make people invest their time in you. Above that, it is even harder to make them invest money. The right email strategy can easily lead you toward this goal, and one part of this strategy is autoresponders. When the brand gets a new subscriber, it is not totally a conversion of lead. The lead is still in a potential state here unless the money is involved in it. A real conversion takes place if there is a transaction of cash or credits.

Emails Autoresponders?


Email autoresponders are the real time-saver during a campaign. Marketing teams use autoresponders to make their campaign more smooth while cutting down the time and effort it takes.

For example, you get 100 subscribers in a day. Now, the marketing team is not going to send them welcome emails one by one. Neither will they use larger men’s power to the same. Autoresponder covers it all up as it can send welcome emails to all the new subscribers in an instant.

Marketers usually use autoresponders in broader ways to maintain contact with subscribers and make work less complex. So just for an idea, you can use them for triggering emails like:

  • Birthday wish emails
  • Cross-sell emails during a purchase
  • Alerts emails
  • User inactivity emails
  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Reminder emails for profile completion, survey, and offers

But does autoresponders really matter? To answer this, I would like to tell you a fact here.

Automated emails get 152% higher click rates than other types of emails.

Automate emails are the reason for the higher engagement rate. If you can recall, autoresponders can easily reduce the effort and time a campaign requires. It will do all this while keeping your emails personalized, and what does a personalized email do? They drive open and click-through rates. With autoresponders, you will be sending the right email at the right time to the right person. Being this right is critical if you are hoping to drive a successful campaign.


Why Autoresponder?


When you are into email marketing automation, using autoresponders is the initial step. An autoresponder sends a series of emails to different people that are focused on one specific topic. This series starts as a user subscribes to your email list. You can also trigger the series manually to already subscribed users.

You can use the autoresponders to shape your relationship with customers. You can send them wishes for a birthday, anniversary or some other special occasion. You can also deliver marketing offers and sell driving emails. But remember, try to keep a balance between the content. Too many promotional emails will make you lose a subscriber. On the other hand, too many normal or educational emails will not drive sales.

You can conduct A/B testing to learn to find a balanced content strategy. When you do research on your audiences, you start to understand what they actually need. Align their need with your planned or triggered emails. This way, you will be able to extract the benefits from these emails.


The Effect of Autoresponder:


Tracking down triggered or automated emails is the same as other emails. As the autoresponder sends numerous emails in an instant, you can not track every email here. To generate the matrics of these emails properly, you should follow these methods.

A/B Testing: Compare the emails sent by the autoresponder and the emails you send through A/B testing. This will tell you if your autoresponder is performing well or not against the normal emails.

Support System: Is autoresponder the main element of your reaction, or is it the catalyst? Well, the autoresponder works like a catalyst to your email marketing campaign. It reduces the effort and time to perform the task. So try to use it as the support element for your email campaign. Do not involve autoresponder in everything possible. Like, if you are sending a welcome email with it, it is ok. If you are sending replies with it, then it kills the personal touch to the campaign.


Only Autoresponder:


Depending on the automation can harm the business. Like in manufacturing, there are now machines/ robots working at a way faster pace than men. But can it replace humans? No, they need workers to control the robots. The same goes for marketing. When you are automating your emails, do not depend on the autoresponder too much.

Personalization is always necessary, and connecting manually with your customers can help you gain an understanding of their needs. Emailing occasional offers, product announcements, news, updates, sales offers, and general replies must be sent manually instead of using automation.

But if you have learned to control the autoresponder, then you will learn how to integrate it far deeper into your campaign without damaging the personal touch. You will be able to tailor great emails that fit perfectly for the recipient.


Departing Message:


This is how you can control the growth of your business by controlling the autoresponders. There are plenty of ways you can learn about them with more depth. An autoresponder works like when a marketing funnel joins the campaign. But what is a marketing funnel? So that we will learn in our next meeting. Till then, keep learning and keep trusting Sarv for powering your business.

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