Use of Toll-Free Numbers for Financial Services

In a competitive business world, winning customers is all about an exceptional customer experience. The rule applies to all business areas, including financial services.

In fact, the customer experience matters a little more, because trust is most important to BFSI players; especially during a pandemic.

Typically, the customer experience is about providing valuable services with reliable support. If you are a financial services provider, you understand that only a combination of both can gain the trust and confidence you need to succeed.

Implementing the right tools and strategies is key, and toll-free numbers are an element that no BFSI company can afford.

Before examining the benefits of toll-free numbers in the financial services sector, it is essential to understand how these numbers work and what benefits companies can get from them.

We are here to explain to you everything about toll-free numbers in detail.


What Actually is a Toll-Free Number And How Does it Work?

A toll-free number also allows callers to connect to the business at zero cost. Instead, the fees are borne by the company that owns the number. Businesses use these numbers as advertising tools to convince customers to stay connected.

A step forward is vanity numbers, which are a combination of special numbers. They are easy to remember and add value to the brand.

Another advantage that toll-free numbers offer is the reliability of the companies operating in the market.

Toll-free numbers usually work with a simple process, as explained below:

  • The company advertises its toll-free number on various channels and the customer chooses it to connect.
  • The call is routed to a toll-free number provider that connects the business and the customer.
  • The caller pays nothing, while the company pays for the call.

The process sounds easy, but you need a reliable service provider to manage the technical side of operations and Sarv offers this ultimate service. The goal is to ensure that callers can connect with the organization and have a smooth calling experience.


Why are Toll-Free Numbers Worth Investing in The Financial Sector?

Financial services are based on the trust of customers and their own reliability, ensuring the safety of all assets. When you are constantly available to a customer who needs help, it builds trust. Toll-free numbers play a crucial role here.


Drive Client Retention

Competition in the BFSI industry is booming now, with players entering the markets at a dramatic rate. Therefore, retaining existing customers becomes important in strengthening your core.

While you can never ignore acquiring new customers, retaining old customers is smarter because it's less complicated and more cost-effective.

To keep current customers, you need to find ways to stay in touch at all times. Toll-free numbers allow for close ties and strong relationships with existing customers.


Gain Effective Customer Knowledge

Toll-free numbers can be a powerful analytical tool for financial service providers. Although you can use it for direct surveys, you can also use it to solve everyday simple customer queries.

In addition, customers will gain the knowledge to create a database to find some common problems and solve them on a larger scale - this can help a lot to improve your core service offering. You can easily redesign the service model to meet your customers' expectations.


Achieve Instant Customer Satisfaction

As it is money and financial assets, customers in this segment are looking for quick support in case of questions and problems. If you can't address these concerns right away, you can't expect to promote a long-term relationship.

Absence causes mistrust, so there is always the risk of losing even the most loyal customers if you are not there for them, when they need you the most.

A toll-free number acts as a special telephone system that allows a bank or financial service provider to provide immediate customer satisfaction. Whether they want to check their balance or seek guidance, they can call this number and get results right away.


Provide Customers with Authentic Information

In addition to offering callers immediate satisfaction, the toll-free number also provides them with authentic information. Again, the idea is to build trust, and the fact that you are ready to pass on any information conveys a real intention. This shows that you have the best interest in their heart. Your customers are more likely to stay with your business if they believe you.


Optimize Compensation Management

The BFSI industry needs to take this additional path to understand and address customer challenges with the most viable solutions. Given the complications involved, acting quickly can make customer satisfaction different.

Traditional communication methods, such as regular phone calls, messages, and e-mails, may not be good enough to solve problems because users may queue more often than not. In addition, they may not provide the kind of information that toll-free numbers can provide.



Toll-free numbers have huge potential for banking and financial companies, as they can enhance the customer experience to gain trust and loyalty to your brand. Staying on this front is crucial as this sector of the economy becomes more competitive every day and rivals are looking for the least opportunity to hunt down customers.

Smooth customer service is the only way to beat all competitors and keep customers for a long time. It also increases your reputation in the market, which facilitates customer acquisition. Adding toll-free numbers to your customer service portfolio can enhance your customer experience.

Of course, you also need to make sure you find the right service provider who not only understands your business and customers but also offers the best features of the cloud service.

Sarv is a leading provider of toll-free numbering solutions that you can trust to provide your financial services with a world-class experience for your customers.

Do you want to take your financial services customer support to a new level? Do you want to keep in touch with your BFSI customers? Connect with us.

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