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Digital Marketing Specialist with extensive experience in leading strategic, web-based marketing initiatives. In-depth, hands-on knowledge of all components compromising web marketing, web analytics, and advertisement.

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What is the Future of Cloud Telephony?

Cloud Telephony - 06-06-2017 12:20:49 pm

Cloud telephony that is excessively being used by businesses today, takes over the conventional phone system. In this post. we'll discuss What's the Future of Cloud Telephony.

How Can Cloud Telephony Help in Reducing the Hardware Cost?

Cloud Telephony - 30-05-2017 02:13:19 pm

In this article, we tell you how cloud telephony can help reduce the hardware cost. The idea behind cloud telephony is simple- it saves a your money and lets you focus on your business.

Missed Call Service: Impressive Results within Few Minutes

Cloud Telephony - 24-04-2017 12:53:57 pm

Missed Call Service is an automated online application which notifies you if anyone reached on your number. In this article, you'll find how missed call service will give you impressive results.

Create a Reason for Your Customers to Switch from Your Competitors

Customer Relationship - 20-04-2017 01:56:21 pm

Competitions are inevitable for any business in the market. In this article, you'll discover some powerful tricks which will give you progressive & innovative reasons to keep stick your customers.

[Infographic] Why You Should Start Using Transactional Emails: 11 Amazing Statistics

Email Marketing - 05-04-2017 10:50:17 am

Why You Should Start Using Transactional Emails: 11 Amazing Statistics

7 Amazing Ways to Get More Action from Your Email Campaign

Customer Relationship

More Category Includes

- 18-03-2017 03:13:15 pm

7 Amazing ways to get more action from your email campaign. A personalised, focused and good looking email will definitely earn you all the action you have been waiting for.

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