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Sarv Transactional Email API Documentation

Info! This is Beta version, if you have any problem in using API, please mail us at [email protected]

API Endpoint

All API URLs listed in this documentation are relative to http://api.SarvTES_APP_DOMAIN/v1.0/.
For example, the /settings/addSmtp API call is reachable at http://api.SarvTES_APP_DOMAIN/v1.0/settings/addSmtp


The Sarv API is a mostly RESTful API. Known caveats:

  • All API calls should be made with HTTP POST.
  • You can consider any non-200 HTTP response code an error - the returned data will contain more detailed information
  • All methods are accessed via: http://SarvTES_APP_DOMAIN:7278/v1.0/SOME-METHOD1/SOME-METHOD2

Official API Clients

Sarv has official API clients for the following languages. Click the links below for documentation about each language.

API Call Categories