Helping Suez to Ease The Challenges They Were Facing

Suez has been an expert in water and waste management for 160 years. They are working with 5 continents, 450,000 industrial and business customers, and with a team of 89,352 employees. SUEZ’s purpose is “To help people constantly improve their quality of life by protecting their health and supporting economic growth. They restore and conserve the planet's fundamental elements that are water, air, and soil”. SUEZ’s ambition is “To work on demographic and urban growth, issue of global warming and natural resources shortage.”

Services Used

Challenges Encountered

Suez India was searching for a solution where they can get feedback from their consumers in an automated way. During this search, they were facing these challenges:

  • No option to capture consumer’s feedback
  • No analytics
  • Delayed alerts
  • No list of Happy Consumers
  • Manual task
  • Needed to change complete resources

Solution Served

We offered Suez to avail Sarv Voice Call API solution to eliminate the challenges they were facing. These were the part of the solution that we offered:

  • Automated Voice Call API.
  • It works on the Suez platform, no need to change the complete workflow.
  • It works automated once a consumer's query is resolved.
  • Better response rate.
  • Real-time consumer’s input.
  • Happy Consumer’s list.
Benefits From It
  • Increasing client interaction rate
  • Smooth feedback process
  • Satisfied Clientele
  • Sarv Voice API does not require separate resources
  • Voice API works in preinstalled Suez’s software.
  • Cost-effective
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