Voice OTP service is a set of characters or numbers (OTP) that is sent through a phone call for the
verification of a transaction or login session.

Use the Voice OTP service to authenticate a user by calling a mobile phone/phone and playing a number.
The 2FA(Two-factor authentication) service is built on a world-class voice platform to provide you reliable voice transmission worldwide.

Getting Started with Voice OTP

Completely API based solution Integrate your platform with Sarv Voice OTP API & start initiating OTP calls to your consumers in real time.

Voice OTP
Best Authentication Process

Best Authentication Process

Add an extra layer of security to your e-commerce website and software without increasing complexity for users. Authenticate the entire process of registrations by voice call OTP verification.

Keep OTP Secured

Send text-to-speech, whether it's blocking, deleting, or activating an account. Use voice OTP verification to make sure customers’ information remains secure. This can be the best-secured system for your customers.

Keep OTP Secured
Transaction confirmation

Transaction confirmation

Make all transactions safe and secure. To complete the transaction securely, add additional security with an OTP confirmation. Start verifying all transactions now! Instead of sending links or a verification code via email, use the Voice Call OTP service to verify users before resetting the password.

This service is helping many companies to secure the information that a customer wants.
Voice OTP is cost-effective and will never let your customers wait as Sarv’s OTP service ensures the timely delivery of such calls.

Join Sarv Voice OTP service for faster and more secure authentication.

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