We help you to create disguised phone experience instantly. So now, instead of calling directly from phone number, communicate via third party i.e proxy number that forwards calls to the your desired destination. It helps you to secure the callers phone number for better privacy. Because we believe in offering a better privacy and of course safety is our priority.

makes a call on Agent’s Proxy Number
Cloud Server dials the number
Your Agent gets the call on his number from customer’s masked number
Proxy Number acts as a bridge between both parties
Phone Proxy
makes call on Customer’s masked Number
Cloud Server dials the number
Customer gets the call on his real number from agents’s masked number
Both Parties Connected
Phone Proxy

Why Phone Proxy?

Want to call someone but don't want to share the original number?

If yes, then Sarv is the solution for you. Our proxy numbers have the ability to connect both the parties
without revealing the real number.


Mask number proves to be exceptionally beneficial for Cab services. You can't call all your customers from your personal number. This acts as safety measure both for drivers as well as riders. Mask number ensures better privacy. Using a proxy number can help drivers to communicate with customers without revealing each other's real phone number.


When you post on B2B and B2C or any social media platform about your product and services and want people to contact you, but don’t want to share the personal number than in this case use the virtual number.


If you are a business tycoon then it goes without saying you have to contact lots of people like colleagues, clients, employees but you might not want to reveal your personal number to all of them. Virtual number helps you to communicate efficiently without revealing the personal number.

How does Phone Proxy works

With Sarv, it’s really simple to veil your Caller ID. All you need to do is

  • 1
    Login to your account
  • 2
    Enter your real number
    for verification
  • 3
    Select the Proxy
    number of your choice
  • 4
    Click on the number
    you wish to call

Create Disguised Phone Number Experience With Awesome Features

Our system is based on high technology which comes with a packet of features that can help your business in lot many ways. Sarv’s Proxy Number fits in all your business needs and requirements.

Mask Number
Mask Number

Our virtual proxy number is a disguised number which acts as mask for original Caller ID

Hides the Caller ID
Hides the Caller ID

Proxy number acts as the veil which hides the original Caller ID. This ensures all calls are connected between both the parties via an anonymous number.

Routing as per caller
Routing as per caller

This feature helps you to route the call to the concerned department according to the caller.

One to One  Proxy number
One to One Proxy number

This means for one caller we have a dedicated call attender.

One to many Proxy numbers
One to many Proxy numbers

Here we have multiple attendants for one caller. If incoming call if not answered by attendant ‘A’ then it will be transferred to another attendant.

Real-time switching API
Real-time switching API

Our advanced API helps to switch calls from the real number to virtual number and vice versa any time with ease.

Real Life Example By Certain Enterprises

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