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Make Your Number a Smart Number

Now You don’t need to buy a new number. You can make your mobile number a smart number just in seconds. You’ll get our user friendly and powerful platform with all cloud telephony suite. Run your business with your phone number.

Auto Dialer
You have your number

Your own Business
Phone Number on Cloud

Make Your Number a Smart Number

No need
to buy a
new number
Plug and forward call our system
Plug and forward call to our system
Handle Multiple calls at a time.
Handle Multiple calls at a time.
Monitor all your calls
Monitor all your calls
All cloud telephony features
All cloud telephony features
Never miss a single call
Never miss a single call

The Classical Way


Your business have a number

You can only connect
to one customer at a time

Sarv Touch

Forward your number on Sarv

Never Miss a Single Call

See How to Set Up

Make your mobile number a smart number in seconds. Hassle free.

  • 1
    Enter your number
    and verify
  • 2
    Forward your number
    to Cloud Telephony
  • 3
    You're all set

Check Out Why You Need This

When one customer is talking to you. All others don’t need to wait on line.
It provides your customers a better experience.
You’re sick and when you get up. You could have lost 20 customers.
Track reports in real-time to measure your performance.
Monitor your missed, incoming and outgoing calls.
You can create in-house call center and handle multiple calls.
Generate potential leads and improve business productivity.
What else you can do: Smart routing, conferencing, smart IVR, call recording and more.


  • 1
    What will happen to my phone number?

    You’re the only owner of your phone number. We don’t have any control over it. You can unplug your number anytime by changing forwarding settings.

  • 2
    I can add more phone numbers, so I don’t miss a call, right?

    You can try it. But you end up so many numbers and it’s not a smart way. Things can’t be measured: Incoming call, outgoing calls, and missed calls.

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