Sarv’s advanced call controls enable you to take actions on live call. This functionality can help you to reduce call handling time, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

Here’s How to Control Live Calls

Provide a Professional and Seamless Call Experience

On Hold

Place the caller on hold. You can also configure the setting to turn on or off the hold music for your caller. You can return to the call at any time.


You can mute/unmute a caller and you are also able to mute/unmute yourself just in one click.

Reach More People
Handle Concurrent Call

If your agent is on a live call and receive another call. Agent can put the first call on hold and assist the other caller. Agent can return to first call anytime or transfer the second call. It can increase the efficiency without compromising call quality.

No Answer Call Forwarding

This feature allows you to forward calls to a phone number when all your agents are busy. This feature ensures that you’re always available to your customers when they call you. Perfect backup plant for not missing leads.

Empower Communication
Call Barging

This feature enables you to listen the ongoing call without the agent and caller knowing. You can also speak with both parties. Call barging is a great feature to check the quality of call center and agent’s performance.

Call Notes

While you’re on a call, you can write relevant detailed notes. This feature allows you to create a record of customer’s information during or after the call. This information can be helpful in future.

Control Call Volume

You can control your call volume. This feature allows you to increase or reduce your speaking volume. A great call quality experience.


Your agent or caller can hang up or end the call at any time.

Warm Transferring

Suppose your customer disconnected from a support call while being transferred to another agent? That didn’t leave a great impression on the customer. Warm transfer feature allows your agents to have the ability to dial in another agent in real time.

Dial Out

Do you want to add another agent or caller into the live call? This feature allows you to dial a call to invite a participant mid-call. Never miss a word.

Call Whisper

Call Whisper allows playing a message to the callee while the caller continues to hear ringing. You can provide purpose of the call to the callee before he or she accepts or rejects the call based on the information.

Start/Stop Call Recording

This feature allows you to record the live calls or pause recording and listen to past call recordings. Record and store your interactions.

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